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Well firstly you can't name your WiFI with spaces, and secondly mine is Children_of_the_Atom
Because why not ;p

Also makes it really easy to find when you have to connect something new. I guess that's the whole point

I love it when people tell me I can't do something I am already doing.

Not only can you put spaces in your wifi name, you can also use emojis in it. See this for an example of both.

And here I thought you know about IT stuff. I am shocked, SHOCKED.

The age old joke still applies (as recent as 2022)

Now connect your printer to it…

Uh, no. Not in my house. Literally everything in my house that is capable of doing so is hard wired. Before I moved in to this joint, I had Cat6a ran to every room where I needed a connection with the terminus in my office. Wifi at my house exists only as a courtesy for people's phones and tablets. It's on its own separate VLAN which only goes out and cannot connect to anything internally.

I mean, I do know a little about IT. ✌

A man after my own heart.
Yeah, same here. When we built the new house four years ago, CAT6 everywhere (every room has at least 2 jacks), several in my office alone and the server closet in my office. Main termination is in the pantry where I made a commercial style wall panel for all the network, phone, and CCTV equipment. Ten foot ceiling so it's all above the pantry shelves which made the wife acquiesce.

After the electrician ran all the cables, before they put up the drywall, I climbed up there and rerouted all the network cabling away from the inset light fixtures to avoid electrical noise from LED bulbs.

Everything is hardwired. Two Wifi networks: One trusted for our phones and tablets, one untrusted for guests on it's own isolated VLAN. Comcast modem is in bridged mode with Wifi disabled, and I used my own NetGate pfSense gateway. Commercial grade Comtrend access points.

My only regret is not adding more network jacks originally. After the fact I decided to run the CCTV feed via HDMI over ethernet to all the TVs, and I didn't want it sharing the main network (lack of trust), so wound having to run some extra cable later, all back to it's own dedicated 5 port switch with no physical connection to the Internet.

No plan survives the first encounter with the enemy...

Fairly recent photo of the pantry panel:

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