Clownfield 2042 Released

Clownfield 2042 is now available on Steam, offering a military first-person shooter for Windows (thanks MP1ST). This is allegedly something of a parody of some other recent game, but obviously there's no way of knowing which one. Here's what to expect:
The next generation of fan favorites Clownfare and Hovercraft Zone features the largest Clownfield maps ever built and up to whatever amount of AI players your PC can handle. Experience the intensity of All Out Clownfare on maps filled with mediocre weather and world events, such as Tornado.

Why play the game like its meant to be played when you can hop into hovercraft and slay all your enemies? Disrupt the game physics, break the rules of gameplay and enjoy the broken and unoptimized experience ever.
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Dec 31, 2021, 15:43
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Dec 31, 2021, 15:43
Slightly off topic, I had some free time last night, so I tried to play some BF2042. Scanning for games, 128 player Conquest and Breakthrough, for like 30 minutes, no luck. Either people got too impatient and kept disconnecting as players were gathering, or there is some issue with their servers (is/was, haven't tried today.) People would get put into my squads, wait a few minutes at the loading screen, then leave.

They need to just go 100% to traditional servers, with bot options if necessary. The automatch feels like a complete failure now. Portal has traditional servers but I didn't feel like parsing through weird gravity and other bullshit yesterday.

So I went back to my second playthrough of Riftbreaker... what a deliciously enjoyable waste of time that game can be.

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