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Dec 30, 2021, 21:29
Re: Evening Safety Dance Dec 30, 2021, 21:29
Dec 30, 2021, 21:29
My recommendation for a commercial VPN is Proton since they do have a multi-route solution called "Secure Core".

It's what I personally use when I need to use something other than my own VPN setup.

If you're concerned about using a third party VPN, you can always setup your own either at home or on a VPS with WireGuard.

I don't trust any mobile device or anything on it. I barely use mine for the very rare phone call or Wire messaging. I never text.

My future plan is being completely off-grid and eschewing technology as much as possible. Part of that is because I am beyond burned out. The other part is because we've jumped the shark. We've rushed to put everything online for the sake of convenience with security often treated as an afterthought with ridiculously undersized budgets that are only begrudgingly allocated. How many breaches have there been this year, for example? That's only going to get worse.

EDIT: I clicked on all three links and they came up fine for me. But just in case;

Zero trust: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero_trust_security_model
PAM USB key: https://github.com/ColumPaget/pam_usbkey
MAC randomization: https://greycoder.com/how-to-set-your-mac-address-randomly-using-linux/

Second EDIT:

The reason I recommend Proton over, say PIA, is the legal protection that Proton provides. PIA, for example, is based in the US which as we know has absolutely piss poor data privacy and protection laws. Moreover, it is far easier in the US to have your data subponead by anyone with a badge. Proton, on the other hand, is based in Switzerland which has some of the strongest and most well tested data privacy and protection laws in the world. They have a zero compliance policy with foreign governments and only respond to Swiss government requests. Given the US government's historic record of unlawful and unannounced surveillance of its citizens, often with the enablement by corporations, anything based in the US is the last place I would want to trust for a secure VPN solution.

As I said previously, however, if you have the desire, you'll roll your own VPN solution and include jumphosts at different VPS providers around the world and set each host as a strict no-log server.

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