Diablo IV Quarterly Update

A new Diablo IV Quarterly Update has the latest from Blizzard on the next installment in the action/RP series. There's one section on itemization and the Paragon system and another on the game's visual effects. There's good news for anyone who that thought the Paragon system introduced for Diablo III wasn't complex enough, as it's definitely more intricate now. Here's the intro:
First, Lead Systems Designer Joe Piepiora will discuss updates to key elements of itemization. These include the return of +Skills on items, a new way to interact with legendary powers, and some early work on targeted drops. After that, grab a warm beverage and a comfortable chair as he walks us through Diablo IV's completely new end-game character growth system: the Paragon Board.

Next, Lead Visual Effects Artist Daniel Briggs will describe the philosophy that allows our talented VFX team to create huge explosions and eye-popping skill effects while keeping the game clear and readable, even when there are many players and monsters on the screen at the same time. He'll also go into detail on how Diablo IV's new game engine has allowed us to make frame-by-frame combat more precise and nuanced, while leveling up our effects to take advantage of the new lighting system. Finally, feast your eyes upon a plethora of skills across all four announced classes that show off our skill-driven death system.
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Re: Diablo IV Quarterly Update
Dec 21, 2021, 08:13
Re: Diablo IV Quarterly Update Dec 21, 2021, 08:13
Dec 21, 2021, 08:13
Too much information? Lol, people would complain about the stats being too vague if they didn't put all of that in there.

Blizzard will never please everybody for a game like Diablo 4, people will complain no matter what they end up doing.

Graphically, I like how it looks quite a bit. Their PoE-lite system... eh, it looks like it could be good, but don't forget Path of Exile basically spent ten years fiddling with their Passives system and they still aren't satisfied. I expect Diablo 4 won't finalize their Paragon system for years after release.
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