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Neon Abyss is now available for free on the Epic Games Store as today's installment in their daily holiday giveaway festival. This Windows roguelike will be yours to keep as long as you add it to your library by 11:00 am EST tomorrow. At that time a new freebie will arrive, and the process will begin anew. Just be warned, to paraphrase Nietzsche, if you gaze into the Neon Abyss, the Neon Abyss gazes also into you. Here's word:
Neon Abyss is a frantic, roguelike action-platformer where you run ‘n’ gun your way into the Abyss as part of the Hades formed ‘Grim Squad’. Featuring unlimited item synergies and a unique dungeon evolution system, each run diversifies the experience and every choice alters the ruleset. Get ready to unleash hell!

Combining furious run ‘n’ gun action and deep, roguelike mechanics, Neon Abyss pits you as a member of the ‘Grim Squad’ – a task force set-up by Hades himself to infiltrate the Abyss and defeat the New Gods. Death is not the end as every time you die, you’ll find yourself more empowered than before.
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Dec 17, 2021, 12:59
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Dec 17, 2021, 12:59
Grab it for free, but don't expect too much from it. Maybe you'll dig it, but I found it absolutely isn't what the trailers show you. The trailers show a wild run and gun where your weapons spew death everywhere, but that's clearly some late-game stuff. It just gives you a little peashooter, and upgrades are few and far between. It absolutely is NOT the shooter version of Dead Cells, where you felt powerful from the beginning.
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