Alan Wake 2 Announced

Alan Wake 2 was officially announced this evening at The Game Awards, finally answering the pleas of gamers who've been requesting a sequel to Remedy's action/adventure for over a decade. Here's the Announcement Trailer with a cinematic first look at this game that's expected in 2023. It includes a link to the Alan Wake Website, but there's nothing there on the sequel yet. Remedy tweets: "This is a huge moment for all of us at Remedy. We’ve been eager to return to Alan's story for years, ever since the first game back in 2010. Hard work and determination brought us here, and we're delighted to share the excitement of this announcement with the Alan Wake community." A tweet from Remedy has the rest of what we know about this for the time being:
This story is a monster. And monsters wear many faces.

The writer returns in Alan Wake 2.

Shed some light on the announcement trailer:

Presented by @EpicGamesPub. Coming in 2023 to PC on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. #AlanWake
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Re: Alan Wake 2 Announced
Dec 10, 2021, 10:36
Re: Alan Wake 2 Announced Dec 10, 2021, 10:36
Dec 10, 2021, 10:36
I played through Alan Wake immediately before the AWE expansion for Control came out (which I haven't played, due to sudden changes in my real life, but that day is coming soon), and found it to be quite meh. The combat is the same thing, with VERY little room for improvisation, beginning to end. I get that Alan is a writer, not an action hero, but his minimal arsenal/functions got boring very fast. I enjoyed the story but ended up playing through on easy mode because I didn't find the combat engaging.

Control is significantly better, although the combat feels a bit loose. Might be a side effect of being third person, dunno. I hope the new Alan Wake takes lessons learned from Control, and doesn't regress into a one trick pony like the original AW. From comments saying it's changing genre a bit, maybe they will!

EGS isn't a deal-killer for me, but it absolutely does dampen my interest. Unless the game is a holy-shit-must-have-now one, I'll wait for it to saunter over to Steam. Currently, AW2 doesn't sit in that category.
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