Battlefield 2042 Patch Tomorrow

DICE announces plans to release another patch for Battlefield 2042 tomorrow with a new round of fixes for the military first-person shooter. As explained in a post on the Battlefield Blog: "This means you can expect a large amount of fixes, balance changes and quality of life enhancements to come your way. And lastly, as we’ve kicked off the Preseason there are some new things to look forward to as well!" Word is new weekly missions will begin next week and a new game mode is coming to Portal. Here's word on all the gameplay changes:
Throughout several areas of the game we’ve introduced improvements to make your experience while interacting within maps feel smoother.

This includes over 150 individual fixes, small changes, and improvements across all of our Maps where we noticed they were detracting from gameplay, such as spawning, visual glitching or collision issues. Audio, rendering and interaction improvements and fixes for weapons, vehicles and Specialists are also included.
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Dec 2, 2021, 22:32
Re: Battlefield 2042 Patch Tomorrow Dec 2, 2021, 22:32
Dec 2, 2021, 22:32
Copied from my post in another BF2042 thread above:

Alternatively, open up <Your Drive>:\Users\<Your User Name>\Documents\Battlefield 2042\settings\PROFSAVE_profile with notepad or some other text editor, and

Find and Remove these 10-12 lines that have:


Save, and start BF2042. That way you don't lose ALL of your settings. My game seemed to autofill mouse for mouselook, so I didn't even have to reassign keys after that, it just worked finally in game.
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