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We've hit the last page on the 2021 calendar, so happy December! MrsBlue and I have an adventure today, as we're going to attempt to get COVID-19 booster shots. We originally got the Janssen (J&J) shot. At the time this was said to be "one and done," but this has since been deemed inadequate. Even though it's changing teams, the data we've seen suggest the Moderna shot is our best bet, so we're shooting for that one. All the news these days is about Omicron, and how new boosters may be required for that. This makes it seem like we're chasing a moving target, but as I've said in the past, MrsBlue's asthma is a significant comorbidity, and we're doing our best to err on the side of caution when possible. The whole scheduling and confirming our appointments was a little vague, so we'll see if it works out today, and regroup if it doesn't. Call it a shot in the dark.

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Re: OotB: December to Remember
Dec 1, 2021, 14:50
Re: OotB: December to Remember Dec 1, 2021, 14:50
Dec 1, 2021, 14:50
Wife and I got the Moderns booster a week ago (had the two shot Moderna course originally back in April). Both of us were sick for a day. We were fine for the 10 hours after the shot, before going to sleep. Low grade fever, chills while sleeping, massive headache during the next day. Wife had it worse - she couldn't hold down food for a day. We spent the day binge watching TV shows. At least we know we got the real deal and not a syringe full of saline

I would highly recommend making no plans for the next day, and expect to stay in bed. Better to plan for it just in case.

Glad to have it done, though, especially with Omicron out there. Debating whether to get a booster for my 98 year old Dad. He was going to get it the following week until he saw how sick the wife and I got, so he's putting it off for now. To be fair, he never leaves the house and we take precautions not to bring it home to him.

FYI: People wonder why the severe side effects (not just covid but even flu shots). It's your body's own reaction to what it thinks is a viral infection. The fever, chills, and headache is not caused by the vaccine, or even the virus if you get infected. They are caused by your own immune system. A fever is the way the body fights an infection. It raises the body temp to make your body a hostile environment to the virus, but it also makes you feel lousy. That's why most people don't have much of a reaction to the first shot - your body doesn't recognize the first one as an attack yet, unless you've already had covid. People also vary in their reactions. I never get sick from flu shots, but they always knock my wife down for a day.
Yeah those early reports on Omicron are encouraging. More transmissible, but may not make you as sick. It'll be a month or more before they can reverse engineer the mutations to see what they're really doing, but hopefully we can avoid another major hit to the economy.
Dr. Oz, the King of quackery, a running for Senator? Just when I thought we were at peak stupid.

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