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Today is a holiday here in the US: Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating. As always, here's hoping we all have reasons to be thankful wherever we live. It's been an eventful year for me, but I certainly am appreciative to be healing up after my car accident, not to mention my gratitude that I managed to survive it in the first place. The other sentiment I usually express on this occasion is true every single day. This is my appreciation to all of you who visit here, for which I can't thank you enough. As for the festivities, we have a 10 lb turkey to roast along with the fixings for dinner for two (plus leftovers) at home, but there's a plan to Zoom with our families for some togetherness.

Obituary: Remembering David Lawson, one of the founding fathers of the UK games industry • Eurogamer.net

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Re: Out of the Blue
Nov 26, 2021, 10:39
Re: Out of the Blue Nov 26, 2021, 10:39
Nov 26, 2021, 10:39
Burrito of Peace wrote on Nov 25, 2021, 21:00:
Mr. Tact wrote on Nov 25, 2021, 19:40:
So, you put on the Troll mask for Thanksgiving? I'll give you a pass.

I admit I did. I am just beyond done with the stupidity I see around me daily.

RedEye9 wrote on Nov 25, 2021, 20:16:
He's a gun guy but Not a gun Nut. And the whole industry has gone to the nuts.

This is the exact reason I do not associate with "gun enthusiasts". I do not want to be tainted by their stupidity even by adjacency. I grew up with firearms and I own firearms. They are tools, not fetish items, or things around to build one's identity. Those that fetishize them and/or build their identity around them are the very last people I want holding any kind of firearm.

You pretty much summed up my life with guns as well. I grew up with guns, but a gun is a tool, and that's it. The weapons I own are for target practice and self defense. My father was a hunter but I never got into hunting myself. My Dad, long time member of the NRA, cancelled his membership 20 years ago along with a letter that accused them of having lost their way. The NRA used to represent the gun owner, but in his opinion, they now represent the gun manufacturers.
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