Battlefield 2042 Released

Electronic Arts announces the official release of Battlefield 2042, the latest installment in the long-running military shooter series. PC gamers looking to reenlist can pick up a copy of the Windows edition through Origin, the Epic Games Store, or Steam. If you're interested in some basic training, there's a Beginner’s Guide on the Epic Games Store. The release is covered in this blog post which makes it clear this was not a "when it's done" release, as it outlines plans for two updates over the next 30 days to address issues that remain outstanding following Early Access. Here's a bit on the launch:
Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA) has launched the highly-anticipated first-person shooter, Battlefield™ 2042. Powered by groundbreaking technology through the use of the Frostbite game engine, Battlefield 2042 features up to 128 player matches on the latest consoles* and PCs. The game introduces epic maps, a dynamic world and signals a return to modern settings which opens up the immersive sandbox gameplay through vehicles, weapons and more. Battlefield 2042 has been hailed by EGM as a “true evolution” for the series, IGN lauded the game’s “impressively huge and gorgeously detailed maps,” while Game Informer described the title as “an easy recommendation.”

Battlefield 2042 places players in a near-future, all-out war experience where resources are limited and the world powers of the United States and Russia are in conflict, while refugees from collapsed nations known as the Non-Patriated (“No-Pats”) struggle for survival. The game features the franchise’s signature Levolution, as well as dynamic storms and environmental hazards, that create an added layer of action that alters the battlefield and tactical combat.
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Re: Battlefield 2042 Released
Nov 19, 2021, 21:26
Re: Battlefield 2042 Released Nov 19, 2021, 21:26
Nov 19, 2021, 21:26
It's definitely another issue-filled launch. I've got about 8-10 hours in it so far, and yeah, some things may have been in there from a planned BR game. I have noticed that once a few people have unlocked the medic woman and the other semi-medic specialists, you do get revived a bit. I've been playing medic, healing people and reviving and even repairing, since you can carry repair + medic, but not repair + Rocket Launcher for some reason currently. First day of play, I totally agree, I got revived zero times. Now I'm getting some revives, and when I go medic for the full round, and revive 6-10 people, I am usually not even in the top 5 for revives, so clearly some other people are reviving.

People are 100% running away from heals and repairs though, rofl. Stand fucking still for a SECOND.

Definitely the wingsuit and rope gun specialists give so much movement ability they are more attractive than the medic specialist for most people, and RL is more attractive than repair tool. The Barricade specialist feels utterly fucking useless, even with his armor. Shield and Sentry gun specialists actually aren't bad. Wall vision specialist will be broken once more people start realizing what she can do.

Teamwork will come (hopefully) as people get more used to the game and maps, I've already had a couple rounds of relatively decent teamwork. It's definitely annoying as hell to not have real scoreboards, and most importantly, NO KILL FEED for the entire server. I can't tell if somebody is just wrecking our entire team from 10 miles away with a LMG and hacking, or we're just dying randomly from 64 prone campers and vehicles, etc.

The biggest gripe I have currently is there are, as far as I can tell, ONLY 2 TANKS per team, even in 64 vs 64? Maybe this is higher on some other map, or can be changed in the Portal mode, but I haven't played Portal much. I think only 1 attack helo, 1 jet, 1 scout helo for each team too? It should be three times that for most maps, per team, at least. That will be a clusterfuck for infantry, but so be it, it's Battlefield.

The attachment system is still a bit weird, if you have a bunch of stuff unlocked, you have to add them as alternates outside of the match, to be able to swap to them in match... zzzz.

It's a huge shame that the building fortification system from BFV did not get into BF2042. That was the best, most interesting change to the game that the series has had.

Gun play seems mostly fine, decent hit registry, but like I said, the maps are big, and it feels like we should have 3x the available vehicles, instead of a mass infantry fight. BF3, BF4 definitely had a higher vehicle to infantry ratio, to the benefit of the game. I think even BFV and BF1 had more? Maybe it was more restrictive in those two as well. Summoned/Air Dropped vehicles count to your total team's vehicle count, and are relatively easily stolen when some jackass calls in a tank on top of a building or some shit, and gets killed before it even shows up.

Yes, hovercrafts can currently climb buildings, and the minigun will utterly annihilate infantry at medium to short range, and even still kill some fools at long range. In spite of all the wingsuit ninja/wingsuit RL combo videos I've seen so far, it has yet to feel like a real problem so far. PP-29 is definitely the superior gun at the moment, due to no noticeable recoil and high fire rate, but all the guns have controllable recoil. I've been using the AK with some attachments and it's pretty good. Armor piercing ammo so far seems like useless shit vs the regular ammo, purely because of lower damage and losing 10 rounds per mag, and a total ammo count of *80* rounds!?

Hit H to keep chat up all the time, and start communicating. It'll take awhile for people to learn to communicate and play together... again. I've yet to have a squad of four randoms actually stay together for a full map though. Also switching from team to Squad chat seems slightly bugged? Gets stuck on Team only? Might be a keybind issue.

tldr, Some numbers changes required, add more vehicles, it'll be 6 months. It's playable now but I'm doing a lot of exasperated sighing. They seem to have fixed the connection issue, at least for me on PC.

*EDIT* Looked at it again, Armor Piercing ammo count on the AK is 80 rounds total, 20 in mag and 60 extra, not 70 my bad, DICE.

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