Devolver Digital Goes Public

The Devolver Digital Website has big news from this offbeat game publisher, saying as of today, Devolver is a publicly traded company on a sub-market of the London Stock exchange. This includes an assurance that our "sixth favorite game publisher" is still mostly owned by its founders. An update from says the company's initial market cap is just under a billion dollars, and that Sony Interactive is now a five percent investor. Devolver's announcement includes a recap of the acquisitions the company has made over the past year in addition to the high profile purchase of Croteam:
So what does this mean for your sixth favorite game publisher? This means Devolver Digital will be able to continue to invest into all the games we’re working on now, partner on new ones that we’ve previously not been able to consider, and add more of the fine people we love working with into our cadre of consummate video game professionals.

That last point is an important one - over the past year or so we’ve brought our longtime partners and friends Croteam (Serious Sam, The Talos Principle), Dodge Roll (Enter the Gungeon), Nerial (Reigns, Card Shark) and FireFly Studios (Stronghold series) into the strong but gentle arms of Devolver Digital. Those developers and our team looked ahead and saw that we’d be working together forever so we lovingly acquired them, mostly so they would hang out with us more. The games and experiences that these four studios have planned are incredible and each maintain their full creative autonomy afforded to them throughout our relationship. No specific plans for Enter the Gungeon 2 but rest assured we’ve asked them more than once.
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Nov 4, 2021Nov 4 2021
Nov 4, 2021Nov 4 2021