New Splinter Cell Plans?

A new mainline Splinter Cell game is in development, according to an unconfirmed report on VGC. This revelation is attributed to "development sources" who say this will be an effort to win back fans turned off by mobile and VR installments in the stealthy action series. VGC says it's not clear which Ubisoft studios are working on this, but longtime Splinter Cell studio Ubisoft Montreal may not be involved according to "two people with knowledge of Ubisoft’s plans." The game is reportedly in early production, and an announcement may come next year. VGC says Ubisoft has so far declined to comment on this rumor.
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Re: New Splinter Cell Plans?
Oct 19, 2021, 12:51
Re: New Splinter Cell Plans? Oct 19, 2021, 12:51
Oct 19, 2021, 12:51
Burrito of Peace wrote on Oct 19, 2021, 12:27:
Essentially, Ubisoft makes the same game with different window dressing. It's the same formula over and over again and its become unwelcome, at least to me. I didn't buy FC6. Why? I've already played the game when it was called Far Cry 5 4 3. The last AC game I bought was Origins and it was a total shitshow with gimmicky, gated areas and make-work side shit that was unbelievably underwhelming. Everything I read about Odyssey and Valhalla states its the same thing there, too. So why bother? Watch_Dogs even cratered. I bought Legion on the strength of Watch_Dogs 2. That was a giant fucking mistake. Legions is a shallow, fetid, steaming pile of shit. I won't be buying another Watch_Dogs game from them ever again.

I'm sure their titles generate eleventy hojillion dollars and I'm just an old man yelling at the clouds.

Agree'd. I loved Watch Dogs 1, forced myself to finish 2, and loved the idea in Legion, but beyond the play as anyone gimmick, it lacks any heart or soul.
Far Cry 5 I LOVED (Didn't play 4). Both it and Far Cry 3 had a bad goy that I loved to hate. FC6 feels like it was phoned in, or as I called it "Work from Home". It use to get cool rewards from previous games, like outfits etc for owning those titles, or from the Ubi Rewards, but that's all behind a paywall now. It's way too grindy, rewards for taking over a base in a mission is random garbage like supplies, and the villain has none of the hallmarks or presence that the character or actor deserve.
GR Breakpoint is just an utter mess of cut and paste and ship that Ubi has done to date. None of the awesome moments (especially in Co-Op) that Wildlands had. Brain Dead AI, and a really MEH level system.

As I stated before and will state it again, Ubisoft really needs to look at it's core and go back to it.
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