Out of the Blue

Welp, the gremlins managed to get in and strike overnight here at the Blue Tower. When I awoke this morning I recalled there was an early NFL game in London. So I popped on the TV to see what was up while I brewed some coffee. Minutes later I looked up to see that the screen was displaying a psychedelic pattern that would have been a perfect background for a Jimi Hendrix concert. There's not a lot to check in a situation like this. I played around with the inputs and tried the old power cycle hoohah, but it seems the TV has lost the ability to translate electrical impulses into coherent images, which is basically its only job. And on a football Sunday, no less! Not to mention the season premier of Succession tonight. I'll play around with the TV a bit more to see if there's some sort of "fix picture" function I'm missing, but I'm pretty sure it's just destined for the landfill and will need to be replaced.

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Re: Out of the Blue
Oct 17, 2021, 16:57
Re: Out of the Blue Oct 17, 2021, 16:57
Oct 17, 2021, 16:57
Cutter wrote on Oct 17, 2021, 13:33:
Stay the hell away form Sony. I'll never buy anything else from them again. You can't use half the features on the TV unless you consent to them dataming you out the ass. They're also overpriced relative to picture quality. And they've intentionally gimped the online features so if you want a certain app like a VPN, good luck with that. They only allow you see what they want you to see. And it's all tied to Google datamining. I imagine Samsung and LG are the same.

Bought a TCL Roku TV for the bedroom and it's so much better all around. I actually had to buy a Roku soundbar for my Sony because I couldn't access Roku and all the other streaming channel services any other way. So my rec is for TCL.

Sony used to make really good stuff, on about 20-30 years ago, that is. When CRTs were king, Sony Trinitron monitors were very nice--for a CRT--last one I owned was a 20" Flat screen CRT Trinitron RGB monitor for 1600x1200 native--back in the '90's. Bought it direct from Sony California and it was drop shipped to me on the east coast direct from Sony USA for $600--which I thought was a steal at the time...;) Had no complaints, but after I bought my first LCD monitor a bit later I had no trouble understanding why CRTs obsoleted by LCDs. None! Haven't owned a Sony product after that until I bought the Sony x700 4K & BluRay player early this year--and what a mess! I have no axe to grind with Sony, I'm just surprised by what's happened to the company. I could not use the x700 for Streaming because it kept constantly locking up--couldn't watch just a standard BluRay disc without at least one lockup. In short, it was just about worthless! I mean, really substandard. The Sony BR disc player I bought before these latest additions (x700) was fabulous --never locked up once in streaming or with discs! Bought a 4k Panasonic UB-420-K , I believe was the designation--and it's been like night and day! Lockups? What're they?...;) Not kidding--I've never seen so much product differentiation!

So, I use the Panasonic for disc movies--bought a ROKU Ultra for my 4k HDR10 TV for 4k streaming exclusively--never had the first lockup! Love that ROKU. Cannot say enough good things about the Panasonic UB-420-K (and I'll say do not buy the Sony x700!)...

Just thought I'd reply as I don't know what has happened with Sony, either. After the 90's it seems like a much different, much inferior company.
It is well known that I cannot err--and so, if you should happen across an error in anything I have written you can be absolutely sure that *I* did not write it!...;)
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