Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Selling Well

Developer Owlcat Games and META Publishing announce that Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has sold more than 250,000 copies on PC after just one week of availability. As a result the game had more than twice as many concurrent players as Kingmaker had upon launch. But no one is resting on any laurels, as there has been ongoing work to tackle any issues that have popped up since the launch of the RPG. Here's a new Story of the Worldwound Video Developer Diary #7 and more on post-release support:
“For a long time, we’ve been working extremely hard on making Wrath of the Righteous everything we originally conceived at the start of development and even more after the phenomenal support during the Kickstarter campaign. We wanted this to be a landmark moment for CRPG fans, pushing the genre into new spaces, with mechanics that tried to give players an experience that brings the flexibility and freedom found in Tabletop adventures,” says Creative Director Alexander Mishulin. “We’re glad that players and critics are really feeling that we’ve given them that and even more. We truly are overwhelmed with the response”.

As with every video game launch, there are still issues to solve. Owlcat is already working around the clock to resolve these and give players a truly friction-free experience. With 3 patches already released and more coming every week, the team isn’t slowing down now that the game is live.
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Sep 11, 2021, 19:03
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Sep 11, 2021, 19:03
Fion wrote on Sep 11, 2021, 13:17:
Yea you can put crusade mode on auto. But NOTE: Once it's turned on, you can't turn it back off. Also at least one of the Mythic Paths (I believe Gold Dragon, don't quote me on that) cannot be accessed if you turn on auto mode because it requires you actively play through it to unlock it.

It may be more than 1 path, I keep reading that the Lich path is blocked if you auto-battle the crusade mode also.

That said, the mode isn't too hard, it's basically Heroes of Might and Magic lite. Although the numbers feel a little off: time to spawn more troops(1 week) seems too long, prices for troops seem far too high given how big enemy armies get, and damage on some units such as the Shield Bearer seem FAR too low. But that can all be patched, obviously. Just don't buy a lot of shield bearers for now.

I can definitely see it being pretty tedious though, if you have a general that doesn't have Pierce armor as a spell, you could be there all day vs gargoyles and some of the other mid range enemy units. It's pretty classic HoMM or King's Bounty; get big stacks of units, buff them up, hit first and win. Heal up before the last enemy dies, unless you have a ton of hospitals built. Also, having just one mega army is probably the better choice for most people until you get enough money and units to support a second general and army; there are only so many low level enemy armies around to level off of.
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