Rainbow Six Siege AFK Abuse Crackdown

A tweet from Ubisoft warns that a crackdown on AFK abuse in Rainbow Six Siege is underway (thanks PCGamesN). This is an effort to put an end to players who have found ways to farm renown while being away from the keyboard in the tactical shooter. Here's word on what's being done about it:
In recent weeks, we've become aware of a rising issue of players abusing AFK methods in game. As ever, we will not tolerate bad actors disrupting and degrading the play experience of our player.

We are currently taking action against those we detect abusing this behavior, beginning today, with a wave of manual sanctions for those we've found to be abusing this. In the coming weeks, we'll be evaluating design changes to alleviate the issue, as well as adding new automatic AFK detection and sanctions.

Thank you for understanding, and please report players you see doing this in game.
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