Star Citizen Not Experiencing Experience Initiatives

A post on the Star Citizen Forums complains that it's been over a year since a Letter from the Chairman promised upcoming "experience" initiatives to enhance the functionality in the crowdfunded space game (thanks Derek). Noting Chris Roberts stated "but if we just took the time to finish the existing professions and polish them, Star Citizen would have no rival," the post points out that things have gone in the wrong direction since this commitment:
I'm quite frankly surprised that we never heard this mentioned again. Neither in ISC, SCL, or in any articles on the website. I would have thought this would have been the buzzword for 2021 after that letter.

The fact is, that SC is now a worse experience than since Oct 10th 2020.

  • There are more game-breaking bugs than ever.
  • The general server performance is worse than ever.
  • All gameplay loops are same state as Oct 2020 or in even worse condition (trading/mining as an example)

Is it time to postpone a patch and spend full time all man hours for 1 quarter to make the game playable and enjoyable?

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Re: Star Citizen Not Experiencing Experience Initiatives
Sep 5, 2021, 19:13
Re: Star Citizen Not Experiencing Experience Initiatives Sep 5, 2021, 19:13
Sep 5, 2021, 19:13
Rigs wrote on Sep 3, 2021, 17:01:
Do you guys not get the 'Squadron 42' update every month via email? I didn't even sign up for it and it still comes in every month like clockwork. I mean, to me, it sounds like they're slowly pushing along with the game...keyword being 'slowly'. Surely they could have done these things a bit quicker but I get the feeling through each month that Roberts has intentionally made it so they don't' do too much per month, whether out of fear of >crunch< or because he wants the best product and wants to take as much time as it needs to get it or he's intentionally stalling it. I really can't tell which from the newsletter, they seem to be doing dev stuff and have a roadmap. Still, most of the first half of this year was them working on how the NPC's used the cafeteria utensils, found food, acquired said food and then found a place to sit in the mess. No, I'm not kidding. And they're still working on it. On the other hand, they seem to bust through several chapters all the way up to grey-boxing with little fanfare. So, you tell me? **shrugs**

Cynical me says that Roberts is slow rowing SQ42. Once that comes out, many people lose interest in the project, since that was the pitch to begin with.
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