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  • IGN - Former Blizzard Developer and ArenaNet, Undead Labs Founder: "We Need Unionization."
    "During my 25 years working alongside talented developers, I’ve heard hundreds of profoundly disturbing stories about their industry experiences. I’ve also seen this cycle repeat itself numerous times, across multiple companies throughout our industry. There has certainly been some positive change, and I do believe many developers and publishers — even large ones — are working in good faith to improve. But those efforts, while commendable, can’t address the chronic issues in our industry systemically. In order to do that, game industry employees need advocacy and representation.

    We need unionization."
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Aug 1, 2021, 10:46
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Aug 1, 2021, 10:46
Darks wrote on Jul 31, 2021, 23:52:
You guys are really delusional if you think unionization is the answer to fixing this problem. I grew up back east, and I know all to well what Unions do to companies. once they are in, its a nightmare to get them back out once you see the real effect they have. Union Dues, then comes complaints about better pay, and benefits, and so on and so forth. This all translates back to higher cost in development and this will effect the price of games.

This is bad in the worst way possible, and you guys really need to take a step back and see this for what it really is.

It will get to the point where they will take development outside the US just to remove this possibility.

My dad was part of the UAW for nearly his entire career. They weren't great, but the alternative was that automakers in general, or his in particular, would get away with a LOT more crap behavior concerning their employees.

Game devs are in a better spot to unionize versus infotech. Game development is historically poorer for outsourcing especially to teams that are half a world away from the core designers. There are a lot of nuances and to develop these AAA titles, studios want to keep their talent as close to home as possible. It makes for a higher quality product and a smoother development. Not to say that their processes aren't flawed by publisher demands and timelines, but that's a different story.
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