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Promising this is the "future of game monetization," Playthora is a new service offering virtual item exchanges in video games. Most games that disallow item trading or sales do so via term of service. The new service claims to be "fully legal" nonetheless, and it's based in France where the Napoleonic Code was invented, so…? Actually it sounds like this works through developer/publisher cooperation, and will require implementation in individual games:
Playthora, a small team from France has officially launched their platform enabling game developers worldwide to implement digital item second hand markets into their games. Playthora does this in a fully legal manner, letting users trade their game skins or collectibles freely in the supported games. The platform is backed by insurance giant AXA and aims to give players the freedom to do whatever they want with their virtual items without having to resort to the black and grey market.

Playthora is a digital platform that gives players the ability to recycle cash back or trade their skins, accessories, stickers and more in a fully legal and game-compliant way.

A known issue of the Free-To-Play games market is players' limited budget and their reservations of spending it on virtual items. Players often hesitate to buy items if they are not sure they will have a long term interest in the game and the difficulty of reselling the virtual items legally if they want to move on. Playthora solves this complexity and is the first legal service of its kind, offering a valid route for game developers to leverage the second hand market and for players to make the most of their digital items.

For developers, Playthora is a SaaS solution sitting on top of the game platform. By using the platform APIs developers can easily add the trading and recycling mechanism to an existing game in a transparent fashion. This month, Playthora launched their V2; White Label Solution, allowing any games to integrate the virtual item marketplace within their own ecosystem using their respective virtual currencies in game for the transactions.
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game dev are working HARD to make your worthless virtual things you own worth something. I hope governments should tax these items...
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