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PC: Hilariously Bad Alienware R10 Ryzen PC: $1800 Pre-Built Review - Gamers Nexus.
The quality of engineering is atrocious, which makes the video teardown quite entertaining! That side-mounted-hinge-swinging PSU looks like a bad idea at a glance, then shown to have catastrophic impact on thermal performance. Dell's development processes and team structuring for desktop creation must be as broken as that system!
But at least they kludged together an Intel cooler with the AMD CPU. Holy Phuck Batman.
Glad I watch the teardowns of the Dell G15 Ryzen Gaming laptop befor ordering. There’s littler (little’er ?) less space for Dell engineers to stick their dick skinner in it.

It's Dell. Expect the lowest quality engineering from the lowest quality bid...barring their servers. Their servers are still pretty much the best you're going to buy in North America.
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