Fallout 76 Fallout Worlds Announced

Bethesda announces Fallout Worlds, a new custom server program for Fallout 76 that allows control over many of the settings in the post-apocalyptic RPG. This will officially launch in September, but is available on the Public Test Server as of today. A two-pronged affair, this includes Public Worlds open to all players, as well as player-controlled Custom Worlds only accessible to active Fallout 1st subscribers. Here's the way these work:
Public Worlds are a rotating series of Fallout Worlds experiences available to all players. Hand-crafted by the team at Bethesda Game Studios with input from the Fallout 76 community, each Public World uses a different combination of Fallout Worlds’ settings to bring you a unique play experience.

This offers everyone in Fallout 76 the opportunity to see for themselves what’s possible in Fallout Worlds, as well as inspiration for their own creations with Custom Worlds.

Custom Worlds completely evolves the personalization of Fallout 76’s existing private servers, granting active Fallout 1st members full access to Fallout Worlds’ settings and features to build their own personalized Appalachias.

While players can experiment like a mad scientist to their heart’s content solo, Custom Worlds is also a blast to share with others! Invite your friends and teammates to your Custom World and they can join in on the fun even without a Fallout 1st membership.
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Re: Fallout 76 Fallout Worlds Announced
Jul 22, 2021, 11:19
Re: Fallout 76 Fallout Worlds Announced Jul 22, 2021, 11:19
Jul 22, 2021, 11:19
Synaschizm wrote on Jul 21, 2021, 19:17:
HorrorScope wrote on Jul 21, 2021, 10:40:
That's where the new Bethesda servers may payoff for a person like you. We don't know what the rules will be on them, perhaps some may make that build/legacy weapons unusable.
No, thats where it pays off for M$ and Bethesda. Keeping those weapons and hacks in the game SINCE LAUNCH and doing nothing about them, so that players are essentially forced to spend even more money for a private server so they don't have to worry about the hacking assholes. .... A buggy, hacked mess being "programmed" by mobile devs that don't really have a sense of direction. There are SO MANY bugs and QoL issues in the game its ridiculous.
Yeah, that's pretty much my headspace. I'm not letting them capitalize on a beloved IP and extort more money because of trash development and management. FO76 had amazing potential. They blew it at launch. They blew it with preorder rewards. They blew it with 'no npcs'. They blew it with artificial caps on inventory (that can conveniently be solved by paying monthly). They blew it with allowing magic and hacked items to stay in the game. Over and over and over. It can be a fun experience.....DESPITE a myriad of poor development and management decisions. But it could have been great.

I find it amazing how many poor decisions they have made...and double downed on.....and have since had to revert just to keep a semi-active playerbase. I genuinely think without the original Wastelanders expansion the game would be dead right now.
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