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  • WIRED: It’s Tough to Defend ‘Overwatch,’ but It's Still Unparalleled (may require registration or subscription). Thanks Neutronbeam.
    "In September 2020, Blizzard finally changed course and has been doing steady work to lower damage output and give players breathing room to engage with the unique parts of the game again. High-damage heroes like Ashe, McCree, and Widowmaker had their overall damage output decreased, giving room for the Tank and Support roles to manage their teams much better than before. Even the support heroes that became largely damage focused had their kits shifted back into a balance of attacking and healing. The game re-acknowledged that it isn’t a game about quick kill counts, but a constant war for advantages and decisionmaking, be it via skill, team composition, or positioning. Though some of the same issues remain—some post-launch heroes are still incredibly strong—the pillars of Overwatch’s creative design are starting to peek back out of the dust."
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May 30, 2021, 14:41
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May 30, 2021, 14:41
Strange timing for an article when the recent Overwatch 2 news has pretty much convinced me to never play Overwatch again. 6v6 no limits is the true Overwatch; everything since then has just been going in the wrong direction. Down with 5v5 and role locks.
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