Outriders Patch and Appreciation Pack Plans

This post on Reddit has details from Square Enix on plans for the first major patch for Outriders to address some of the game's problems. They say this is currently planned for deployment next week. Speaking of Outriders' launch woes, a separate post has details on an "Appreciation Package" that players who suffered through them will receive. Here's the plan:
After working on Outriders for more than five years, we were as disappointed as you that the launch weekend did not go as planned. We ran into connectivity issues, which we have explained in full here.

Throughout all of this we really appreciated all your messages of support and encouragement and they helped us power through and improve the situation.

We would like to thank each and every one of you. Beyond just saying it, however, we would like to confirm that we are working on a small "appreciation package" for our launch window players. We are still working through the exact details of it, but our intentions are as follows:

  • All players who played between March 31st and April 11th (UTC timezones) are eligible
  • Any players outside the above window, but for whom we will have performed an automatic inventory wipe restoration are also eligible
  • Your highest leveled character will receive:
    • A level appropriate Legendary Weapon
    • A level appropriate amount of Titanium
    • The emote "Frustration", which is otherwise unobtainable at this moment in time. The irony here was not intentional but is fitting.

These are our intentions, but these details are subject to change based on what is technically feasible for us to do.

We are still determining when the appreciation package will be delivered.

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Re: Outriders Patch and Appreciation Pack Plans
Apr 9, 2021, 07:45
Re: Outriders Patch and Appreciation Pack Plans Apr 9, 2021, 07:45
Apr 9, 2021, 07:45
I'm not that precious about all this shit. Weve had the live game thing going for a while now, I don't expect full functionality at launch. It's sad but it is what it is. Synthetic or even actual beta tests can never replicate the engineering issues behind a real launch (on gamepass no less! Fuck that! Too scary. Big respect fot rare with Sea of Theives thats insane that they pulled that off.)

I actually like the game, which has been flawless single player for me but don't see myself getting obsessed with it. Destiny has issues but it's strength in art and sound design, being first person perspective, gunplay and color pallet really put it on another level, though Outriders seems really strong in a lot of other ancillary ways I can't quite put my finger on. Good luck to them.
Apr 8, 2021Apr 8 2021
Apr 9, 2021Apr 9 2021
Re: Outriders Patch and Appreciation Pack Plans