Mass Effect Legendary Edition Details

A post on the EA Website offers all sorts of details on what sort of enhancements to expect in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the upcoming remake of BioWare's space opera trilogy. Topics include combat tuning, gameplay improvements, the Mako, unifying and modernizing the trilogy, and Galaxy at War rebalancing. Here's the intro:
Ever since we announced Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition on N7 Day and revealed a first look at it earlier this year, your passion and excitement have blown us away. Today, we’d like to give you more details on what you can expect to see in this remaster. You’ll find the latest information on the Legendary Edition, from gameplay tuning to rebalancing and more. Next week, we’ll provide an additional look at the remastering process with a strong focus on the visual changes across the trilogy.
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Apr 9, 2021, 21:44
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Apr 9, 2021, 21:44
SlimRam wrote on Apr 7, 2021, 01:26:

I'm not sure I'm reading this right but you didn't need to have played a third time to have a paragon save to play in Mass Effect 2? Each playthrough was it's own save. You could have just used your first playthrough save if I'm understanding you correctly?

Just saw this... Not sure if you'll see, but figured I'd reply anyway. In your first playthrough, you could only get to level 50. In order to get to level 60, which imparts better starting stats/money in ME2, you had to play through twice. So if I wanted a max level/stat import, I had to import a second playthrough character. Which meant doing EVERYTHING again, if I wanted all my choices to import. I did just read that the legendary edition allows you to get to level 60 in one playthrough though, so no need to play the first game twice.
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