Mass Effect Legendary Edition Details

A post on the EA Website offers all sorts of details on what sort of enhancements to expect in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the upcoming remake of BioWare's space opera trilogy. Topics include combat tuning, gameplay improvements, the Mako, unifying and modernizing the trilogy, and Galaxy at War rebalancing. Here's the intro:
Ever since we announced Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition on N7 Day and revealed a first look at it earlier this year, your passion and excitement have blown us away. Today, we’d like to give you more details on what you can expect to see in this remaster. You’ll find the latest information on the Legendary Edition, from gameplay tuning to rebalancing and more. Next week, we’ll provide an additional look at the remastering process with a strong focus on the visual changes across the trilogy.
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Apr 7, 2021, 09:31
Re: Mass Effect Legendary Edition Details Apr 7, 2021, 09:31
Apr 7, 2021, 09:31
Beamer wrote on Apr 7, 2021, 09:09:
I'd question, though, how rewatchable most shows like this are. Is Breaking Bad in syndication anywhere? Does anyone really rewatch it? It had a critically acclaimed spinoff, but I feel like it disappeared comparably to how Lost did. Maybe I'm out of touch, since I really have no clue what's in syndication.
My wife and I re-watched Breaking Bad shortly before the more recent follow-up movie came out, and it was at least as good as the first time through. Though I'm also not aware of it's syndication status, we watched it on Netflix. With streaming services as prevalent as they are these days, I don't think broadcast syndication is as important as it used to be back when Lost was popular.

Beamer wrote on Apr 7, 2021, 09:09:
One show that was constantly accused of screwing the final that I disagree with is How I Met Your Mother. The final season was reviled, but I watched the show start to finish 3 or 4 years ago, and would honestly say that the writing of the final season feels so much closer to the first few seasons than the other later seasons did, as most of them turned the characters into cartoons, as most sitcoms do.
The general writing of the final season may not have suffered quite like some other shows after making it that far, but I think the issue most people had with How I Met Your Mother was the bait and switch of who the mother was, or how it was presented. I didn't particularly care for it either, though I'll be honest, I can't 100% remember the details of the controversy. Sitcoms don't hold the same weight with me as most other genres.
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