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Apr 7, 2021, 22:03
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Apr 7, 2021, 22:03
Drayth wrote on Apr 7, 2021, 17:01:
Kxmode wrote on Apr 6, 2021, 19:37:
Drayth wrote on Apr 6, 2021, 11:26:
As far as timelines - the last time we saw the original timeline (Next Generation, Deep Space 9, etc.) was the last episode of Enterprise. The "prime" timeline that the Leonard Nimoy Spock came forward from in the first JJ Abrahms movie, and that the new shows take place in is not that same timeline as the shows and movies before it (as much as the creators want you to believe it is). This is due to a licensing issue stemming from when Viacom split with Paramount. The movies and shows are forced to make everything in their content a certain percentage different from the original shows because none of them have the original license. So, no.. the Picard in the in the Picard series is technically from a different universe (with the helping to save the Romulans etc.) than the Picard we all grew up with.

Discussed in more detail here.

More recently things are now back in a position where they can revive the original license and start using the original continuity, but Paramount is still stuck in the contracts with Bad Robot who has the alternate license for the time being. Star Trek is technically a multiverse even when ignoring the kelvin timeline.

CBS and Paramount officially ended the Kelvin timeline after Star Trek Beyond. They said none of the television series would take place in the Kelvin timeline. As a fan thing, if we fans want to refer to the material we love as "Prebrams" that's more appropriate than calling it Kelvin material. Officially, Discovery takes place before the Kelvin timeline happened. So when they jump 900 years into the future, that happened before the Kelvin timeline. It's prime timeline stuff. It's also terrible and not worth watching based on watching every episode of every season. I know I'm splitting hairs, but I just wanted to clear that up.

Allow me to split the split hairs...

The Kelvin timeline still exists though, even if they don't do any more material in it. The Prime timeline is a parallel universe from the Kelvin timeline which the Kelvin timeline split off from. My point is the original set of series is yet another parallel universe. Those events do not occur in either the prime or kelvin "universes". That's why there's continuity issues between Discovery + Picard and the older shows (though it all stems from the real world licensing issue). Ships don't look quite the same. Sets don't look quite the same, etc.

Infact based on an episode review I happened on, the one time they showed someone wearing an actual matching Star Fleet uniform last season they stated they were from some other universe (implying the original set of shows universe).

Check the video I originally linked. It explains it better than I can.

I watched the video, and his pitch is the new shows aren't canon prime timeline or original Star Trek pre-2005 because of legal issues between CBS and Paramount forcing changes. As a Star Trek fan, I'm not to let legal minutiae drive my view as to whether something is canon or not. If the series occurs in the prime timeline, and the showrunners have said it is the prime timeline, and most if not all of it stays in line with canon, then I'm not going to trip over the Enterprise being 25% bigger or the Klingons looking weird, or Spock has a sister.

Picard is still in its first season, and Discovery is in its third. As far as I've seen (and I've seen every episode of both), I have not witnessed any continuity errors between them.

The end of Discovery season two nicely addresses many questions I've had for why Discovery looked different from other Starfleet ships and why the Discovery crew wore uniforms never seen before. Whenever the Enterprise crew appeared, they wore TOS uniforms, just slightly updated with a modern look.

Putting everything aside, I dislike Discovery on the merits that its story and acting are terrible, not because of uniform or alleged continuity errors or legal licensing issues. Season three was a tedious slog. By the last episode, I was skipping whole sections. I have no desire to watch season 4.

From one fan to another, I do appreciate your point of view and respect you reasons, I just disagree with them.
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