OUTRIDERS is out for PC and consoles. The Windows edition of this action/RPG from People Can Fly and Square Enix is available on the Epic Games Store and Steam. The Official Launch Trailer takes a look, and you can still go hands on with the playable demo on Steam. This is what to expect:
OUTRIDERS is a hard-hitting RPG-Shooter set in an original dark sci-fi world. The last of Humanity slowly bleeds out in the trenches of the wild and unforgiving world of Enoch, and you awake as one of the last of the Outriders and an Altered, infused with incredible powers. Go on an epic journey across a hostile planet where everything has hyper-evolved to kill you. Choose from four different classes and use deep and flexible character customisation to build your own play style, collect twisted and beautiful guns and gear, and wield destructive and dominating powers. Stay aggressive, kill to heal and take the fight to your enemies in single player or with up to three players in co-op, as you explore the unknown across an epic story campaign.
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Apr 2, 2021, 12:15
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Apr 2, 2021, 12:15
Nullity wrote on Apr 2, 2021, 09:05:
jacobvandy wrote on Apr 2, 2021, 02:15:
Totally agree about the loot being pretty amazeballs. I already stumbled upon this really neat tactic to use a powerful incendiary ammo buff virtually forever. Instead of being on a timer like a lot of other games would do, the buff lasts for one magazine, until you reload or swap weapons. But I found a chest piece which mods one of my other abilities to restore 33% of my mag for every enemy it hits, which stacks nicely with some shoes which also mod it to hit an additional target (two instead of one). I'm currently intentionally using a weaker weapon just because it has a large mag, since most of the damage is based on my 'anomaly power,' i.e. skill damage. So everything is melting right now as long as I suppress that ingrained habit to reload after every encounter.
Thanks for the tip. I'm playing through with the Pyro also, and this sounds like a great build. I'll have to keep an eye out for that restore ammo mod, I don't think I've seen it yet.

I'm not too far into the game yet (just hit level 10), but my friends and I are thoroughly enjoying it.

I later realized that being able to constantly set everyone on fire also maximizes the effectiveness of Overheat, which usually does very little damage while interrupting everyone in a huge area around you, but if it can consume that DoT it becomes a major nuke. Seriously, the reach must be like 30m or so, 'cause I'll be in a mid-range firefight with a bunch of riflemen and all I need to do is tag them with the flame bullets, then press that button and BOOM.

MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on Apr 2, 2021, 11:00:
The Outriders demo made me really appreciate the excellent work that went into Division 2, especially Division 2's AI.

Maybe I'll check out Outriders again in a year or so, but pass for now. The mechanics need work, the maps need more..almost everything, I'm glad some of you guys are enjoying the loot because I found it pretty blah in the demo. There seems to be enough players though, that the developers won't just drop the game, and hopefully they work on it and improve it.

Good luck, but it made me reinstall Division 2.

I can see how you might get that impression from the small slice in the demo, but you may be confusing some enemy archetypes' simpler tactics with an overall lack of NPC intelligence. A diverse group of enemies is VERY effective at fucking your shit up. Riflemen and snipers keep their distance behind cover and flank to get a better angle when they need it, while the ones who charge straight at you are either the fast-moving melee type or heavily-armored juggernauts that don't need to hide to survive a long time. As a squishier offensive class playing solo, I have already had more shit-my-proverbial-pants moments in the first few hours of this game (post-demo) than I ever did in hundreds of hours of Division 2. These dudes are relentless, and you don't have the luxury of crouching in a corner and pressing a full-heal button; with only rare exception, if you aren't killing, you're dying.
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