OUTRIDERS is out for PC and consoles. The Windows edition of this action/RPG from People Can Fly and Square Enix is available on the Epic Games Store and Steam. The Official Launch Trailer takes a look, and you can still go hands on with the playable demo on Steam. This is what to expect:
OUTRIDERS is a hard-hitting RPG-Shooter set in an original dark sci-fi world. The last of Humanity slowly bleeds out in the trenches of the wild and unforgiving world of Enoch, and you awake as one of the last of the Outriders and an Altered, infused with incredible powers. Go on an epic journey across a hostile planet where everything has hyper-evolved to kill you. Choose from four different classes and use deep and flexible character customisation to build your own play style, collect twisted and beautiful guns and gear, and wield destructive and dominating powers. Stay aggressive, kill to heal and take the fight to your enemies in single player or with up to three players in co-op, as you explore the unknown across an epic story campaign.
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Apr 2, 2021, 02:15
Re: OUTRIDERS Out Apr 2, 2021, 02:15
Apr 2, 2021, 02:15
HorrorScope wrote on Apr 1, 2021, 20:08:
While #1 is correct (I can see how others see all the cover though and think what they do), no one can say what kind of legs this game has yet. SolidFPS was running end game content last night. But the point I'm getting at is, will people want to run all the characters? Will people want to run end game for a good while to make it feel worth their money? It all depends, most of the looter shooters are okay enough up until that point then sort of fall off. We'll see. Won't be long to know.

Unless it bombs to Avengers level, I'll play this on a bit of a sale or if it comes to PC Gamepass.

I really don't give a shit how quickly some no-lifers are able to rush through a game. Not after long since hearing "you can beat it in like 6/8/10 hours, waste of money lololol" umpteen times about titles I enjoyed for ten times as long because apparently I don't see it as a race or feel the childish need to win that competition against everyone else. Well, that and I actually like to explore these virtual worlds, find the side quests and secret locations without relying on a guide, etc.

Anyone streaming the game day one especially has extreme pressure to progress quickly because one of the best ways to get viewers is to show parts of the game that few, if any, others are showing yet... Speaking of which, loads of streamers had more than 24 hours' early access to this game, some even longer than that to play privately before broadcasting. So "last night" could be after anywhere from 20-40+ hours of playtime for that guy you named.

And besides, what 'endgame' is or means to your gameplay varies pretty wildly between genres or even individual games within them. I could name a whole bunch of action-RPGs where merely completing the story marks the true beginning of long-term, repeatable play.

Quinn wrote on Apr 1, 2021, 18:08:
2.) The loot is the best in any looter shooter in the last years, acknowledged by Youtubers with looter shooter creds like Echelon Gamer who has 2000+ hours in Division and Division 2. The better loot in this game change the way your skills work or improve them. Pretty much like much Diablo 3 gear does or other ARPGs. That makes this game pretty unique among its kind. It's more than just stats improving, and more like your entire gameplay depending on the gear you wear.

Totally agree about the loot being pretty amazeballs. I already stumbled upon this really neat tactic to use a powerful incendiary ammo buff virtually forever. Instead of being on a timer like a lot of other games would do, the buff lasts for one magazine, until you reload or swap weapons. But I found a chest piece which mods one of my other abilities to restore 33% of my mag for every enemy it hits, which stacks nicely with some shoes which also mod it to hit an additional target (two instead of one). I'm currently intentionally using a weaker weapon just because it has a large mag, since most of the damage is based on my 'anomaly power,' i.e. skill damage. So everything is melting right now as long as I suppress that ingrained habit to reload after every encounter.
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