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Pearl Abyss is offering the chance to own Black Desert Online for free. You can claim your complimentary copy of the MMORPG on Steam between now and March 10th. Here's what you get for your nonexistent investment:
Black Desert Online is a sandbox, living-world MMORPG. Experience fast-paced, action-packed combat, hunt monsters and huge bosses, fight with friends in a guild to siege nodes and region castles, train your life skills such as fishing, trading, crafting, cooking, and much more!

Players will enjoy jaw-dropping graphics, intuitive skill-based combat, and an immersive story encased in our expansive world that’s just waiting to be explored. Accompanied by a Black Spirit, a companion whose destiny is intertwined with their own, players will discover the secret of the Black Stones and the history of their corrupting effects.
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Re: Get Black Desert Online for Free
Feb 27, 2021, 13:57
Re: Get Black Desert Online for Free Feb 27, 2021, 13:57
Feb 27, 2021, 13:57
While the quests and storyline I found uninteresting, the game does have one of the most unique trading systems. Buying/farming/fishing goods from one area of the game and transporting them to another for profit while worrying about decay is something no other MMO I've seen does.

An example is say, fishing. You catch a bunch of fish off the coast. These fish are specific to that area and are not plentiful in a mountainous area further inland. If you sell them right at the nearest location by the shore you get some money for them, but not very much as the goods are commonplace there. Transport them to the mountains and sell them there and you get a significantly higher price. But you also have to take into account how long it will take you to transport the goods there and how fresh they'll be by the time they get there as decay will cause the sale price to drop as well.

If trading is your thing, you can make a full game out of being a merchant in this, moving goods from one section of the world to another. Buying horses and wagons to help move more goods faster.

Outside of that, the combat is actually fairly involved with a lot of combos to memorize for each class. Though on the surface it looks like you can just repeatedly spam a basic attack, to face higher level creatures you need to start paying attention to which specific moves and combos you're using to deal more damage and which individual abilities you've chosen to train.

PvP is a pretty big deal in the game, but I can't say I've ever tried it. Hate PvP in MMO's in general.

As already mentioned, the character creator is literally the gold standard by which all current games should measure themselves by. The sheer amount of detail and adjustments you can make can literally eat up hours of your time if you're that interested in creating a specific appearance.
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