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I understand their sentiment and appreciate it for it's intention.....but I am skeptical. Hopefully it turns out as intended I guess.

If they build a tolerant environment, shouldn't their wish just happen naturally? Just don't tolerate misogynist and homophobic assholes, and the rest takes care of itself.

Speaking of which, I saw this today and found it interesting:
1 in 6 Gen Z adults are LGBT. And this number could continue to grow.

I'm sorry to call ya out on this but your thinking on this is just stupid (but let me tell you why).
For Example lets take Airplane travel.
Back in the 60's and 70's it was all about putting on your Sunday's best and traveling the world. Bring your cigs because everyone on the flight could smoke.
Now in this day and age, (thanks to a few terrorists, idiots trying to light their crotches/shoes/etc) you have a ton of security, and steps to go through to fly.
Do you think the airlines and airports decided out of the blue to start cracking down on this (like smoking on a aircraft, or doing body pat downs, or body scans? Nope, but they have to because bad people out there wanting to do bad things.
So take pretty much any shooter that has multiplayer and some sort of chat (txt, voice, etc), and really think to yourself "I wonder if the Dev's planned for a game with 13 million playing it, planned on having asshole and fucktards in their game making it unenjoyable for others? No they just want to make a game that is awesome and kickass that you can play with your friends. You simply can't remove the human/fucktard element out of these games. You can try, but again if ya have a huge gamerbase (like say COD Warzone), it's always a players do something, then dev's react.
Do you think Valorant's team started posting on the internet "We are looking for asshole to come fuck with others players and help make our gaming experience toxic!"?
I'm not exactly sure what you're arguing. Every multiplayer shooter has assholes, be they homophobic, misogynistic, or otherwise. Anonymity brings out the worst in people. Policing that shit creates a more inclusive atmosphere. That is all I was saying.

I don't think any of y'all play it anymore... but Overwatch is very good about dealing with this stuff.
Just about every time I've reported someone for abusive chat I've received a follow-up a few days later that action was taken based on my report.
They do timed chat mutes that explain why you're being muted, they do suspensions, and they do bans.
As a consequence, voice chat / text chat in Overwatch is far far less hostile than what I see in COD of BF.
Oh, that's a good point, thanks. I was thinking of CoD, BF, etc. Didn't think about OW.
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