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Feb 25, 2021, 10:16
Re: Gatherings & Competitions Feb 25, 2021, 10:16
Feb 25, 2021, 10:16
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Jivaro wrote on Feb 24, 2021, 15:33:
I understand their sentiment and appreciate it for it's intention.....but I am skeptical. Hopefully it turns out as intended I guess.

If they build a tolerant environment, shouldn't their wish just happen naturally? Just don't tolerate misogynist and homophobic assholes, and the rest takes care of itself.

Speaking of which, I saw this today and found it interesting:
1 in 6 Gen Z adults are LGBT. And this number could continue to grow.

I don't buy it. Call me oldf-ashioned but I believe that sexual orientation is mostly decided by biology. We are animals after all, thinking ones, but sex is something that is instinctive to us. We don't choose our sexual orientation we are born with it. If that article is factual, then these kids are just caving in to the social norms that are imposed upon them today. It's not only acceptable to be LGBT today, it's actually COOL, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them are just pretending.

Ok as the "resident gay at Blues" (I'm claiming the title dammit), why does it have to be biology or choice? It doesn't fucking matter. I like Pepsi because that's what we drank as kids, but I also like Diet Cherry Coke. I didn't pop out of my mom thinking "I WANT DICK!" but in my early teens watching my dad's awesome collection of Vintage porn I watched the guys more then the girls. Throw in father died in the same time frame (so lack of father figure as we never really had a ton of bonding moments), having a sister and mother and grandmother who were very dominant and I believe my mom and sister are bi-polar. So take no dad, crazy women at puberty, and that's my "best guess" on why I'm gay.

As for the "gay is cool" part, I agree and disagree with this. Why was there a Tide Pod or Cinnamon challenge? Because people can be stupid, and they also want to fit in and be accepted. Typically kids (in my 40's myself, so by kids lets just say 15-25 year olds for this conversation) who have come out at such an early age are pretty fucking fearless when it comes to labels. So take young age, wanting to fit in, find friends that have no problems accepting other people who may consider themselves "social outcasts" and bingo, everyone is gay, lesbian, bi, whatever. Remember when Goths popped out of the woodworks in the 90's?
Everyone wants to belong to something, be it a spouse, religion, group, etc, So ya tell me there is a group that just accepts ya for who you are , no questions ask? Sounds like a pretty good group to join.

Change your "I think" to "I accept". How I got from A to Z doesn't matter, because where i am now/who I am now is all that matters.
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