RevolVR 3 Released

RevolVR 3 is now available on Steam, offering a virtual reality shooter sequel set in a wild west populated by robots, though Evan Rachel Wood and Yul Brynner are nowhere to be found. This requires a VR headset and supports room-scale play. A recent teaser trailer provides a look, and here are the details:
The third part of a VR franchise enjoyed by millions. It's 0000011111100101 Space Era. Revolver is the only kind of weapon allowed to be carried by citizens. Gun manufacturers demo their products by allowing gunslingers to upload themselves into robotic bodies and participate in a futuristic Wild West story. You now have the privilege of joining this blood-lusty crowd. Compete against real players online or play against bots. Great for parties, great for serious gaming.


  • Very simple controls
  • Move like there is no tomorrow! Duck, jump and hide to get the upper hand
  • Single- and multiplayer modes
  • Short, action-packed matches in different levels
  • Meet your friends or find new ones in the 'saloon', a vast social hub
  • Compete against others in the Russian Roulette and Shoot-The-Bottle
  • Fight your way through the ranks to become the most notorious gunslinger there is
  • Challenge the bots to see if your puny human brain can make it

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Re: RevolVR 3 Released
Feb 22, 2021, 19:44
Re: RevolVR 3 Released Feb 22, 2021, 19:44
Feb 22, 2021, 19:44
Doesn't seem to be available yet .. there is no buy button at all, says "coming soon."
Feb 22, 19:44Feb 22 19:44
Re: RevolVR 3 Released