Street Fighter 5 Season 5 Begins

Capcom is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the release of Street Fighter 5 by kicking off the fifth (and final) season for the fighting game sequel. In addition to a Season 5 Premium Pass and a Season 5 Character Pass, they also offer new free content for the base game on Steam. There are more details and a Dan Gameplay Trailer on Capcom-Unity. Here's a rundown:
Releasing today, Dan Hibiki kicks off Season 5 of Street Fighter V in style with his trademark taunts and self-proclaimed “Master of Saikyo” fighting techniques. A mainstay from the Street Fighter Alpha series and last appearing in Street Fighter IV, Dan Hibiki is a training partner of Ryu and Ken. He considers himself well-equipped to “school” anyone who won’t back down. Dan can be added to Street Fighter V rosters now with the Season 5 Character Pass or the Season 5 Premium Pass. He can also be acquired separately.

Also available today as a free update to all Street Fighter V players, a powerful “V-Shift” battle mechanic provides players with all-new defensive options and strategies. Costing just one bar of V-Gauge, when timed correctly, V-Shift allows players to execute a fully invincible backdash that slows down time for a short period, helping fighters better plan their counter attacks. In addition, all players can now acquire a new training stage called “The Grid Alternative” for free, as well as an updated battle balance for all playable characters, adding even more gameplay depth and enhancements to the game’s combat system.
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