HITMAN 3 Location Imports Now Available

IO Interactive now offers a PC Location Importing Guide for HITMAN 3 players, as it is now possible to import locations from their copies of HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2 at no additional cost (thanks IGN). The process seems pretty straightforward, but they urge care in following the instructions, as it cannot be undone or reversed. Here's an outline:
PC players who own HITMAN 1 or HITMAN 2 are now able to import locations from those games into HITMAN 3 at no additional cost. After signing in to their IOI Account, PC players will need to follow a simple 3-step process to import their locations into HITMAN 3.

The three-step process for importing locations into HITMAN 3 on PC:

  1. Read the instructions
  2. Review your accounts
  3. Claim content / import locations

A few important things before getting started

  • Double check all your choices before claiming content. They cannot be undone or reversed.
  • The content you claim will be an ‘Access Pass DLC’. For example, if you own HITMAN 2, you can claim the HITMAN 2 Access Pass. It’s that simple.
  • Once you have claimed an Access Pass, restart HITMAN 3 to access the relevant content. (There are no codes you need to redeem.)
  • We recommend using a PC browser, the location importing site is not fully optimised for mobile browsers.

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Re: HITMAN 3 Location Imports Now Available
Feb 22, 2021, 10:43
Re: HITMAN 3 Location Imports Now Available Feb 22, 2021, 10:43
Feb 22, 2021, 10:43
Quinn wrote on Feb 22, 2021, 03:21:
It was a bad analogy plain and simple.the fact that there's a huge quality difference between Blu-ray and DVD and there's exactly no quality difference between the game on EGS or the game on Steam is exactly why I thought his "sub-standard" comment was so ridiculous. What? So your friends aren't on EGS, nor achievements and voice-chat (I had no idea anyone uses that tbh) and every game is suddenly sub-standard? Just gimme a break. That people have become so fucking anal about where they want to buy their games is ri-di-cu-lous period. And not just that. It's the boycotting of EGS that goes alongside it that really makes it so.

Give EGS a break. Their platform will improve. Steam was the same horrendous mess for a decade. Sure they were the first bla bla bla we get it, Steam4Life. I for one am very happy to see this attempt to end a monopoly. I have zero issues with EGS. 1.) Multi-player is cross-storefront, 2.) Achievements I miss but a little and will come to EGS eventually, 3.) Steam voice-chat? Wtf. I just use Discord all the time anyway.
The features you dismissed with your "gimme a break" comment are exactly why games on EGS are sub-standard. Epic laid out a roadmap almost two years ago laying out all the features they would bring to EGS 'soon', which included most of the standard things everyone expects from a modern digital storefront. They missed every milestone and never delivered on any of it. If your game and/or platform is lacking features that are standard everywhere else, then by definition your product is sub-standard. That is literally what it means.

I suppose a better analogy for the movie angle would be if both stores offered the Blu-Ray, but one is the 2 disc deluxe edition, with deleted scenes, a commentary track, a code for a digital copy of the movie, and a bunch of other stuff in addition to the actual movie. Oh, both versions cost the same, too. You would be technically correct to say that they're the same movie with no difference in quality. But they're not even close to being the same product. You might not care about those extras, but a lot of people do and flippantly dismissing their concerns doesn't magically make everything better.

And, sure, Steam was a bit bare bones when it launched. But that was 2004, and Valve was wading into largely virgin waters. Epic launched in December, 2018. Times, and peoples' expectations, have changed in the almost 15 years in between. Epic needs to step it up and get with the times, and their fans need to stop defending their laziness and apathy.
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