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A new Idgames Upload feature on is now available, as explained on Doomworld, one of the ongoing home bases of the diehard DOOM community. This is the work of our chief engineer Frans. I don't think he thought he was pitching me a news story when he told me about it, but I wanted to highlight his effort nonetheless. This will allow for the easier upload and cataloging of DOOM wads in the still vital development community for id's seminal first-person shooter. Here's how it works:
As hinted a couple of times ;) is now pleased to launch the Idgames Upload form, especially for those who find an FTP client too cumbersome to upload their carefully crafted creation to the idgames archive. And for everyone else too.

My goal was to make it a smooth user experience, but also a safe one for the server. The html page is static, all the dynamic work is done by jQuery/Ajax scripting. The page is responsive because that is the modern way (and easy via Bootstrap), although I don't expect anyone to upload their big Cacoward-aspiring mod via a mobile phone. :)

The same rules apply as via FTP upload. The front-end checks your selected files, then uploads .txt first (with message, if present) followed by .zip. Progress bars show how it goes and completes, or show error messages. The back-end checks all the rules again, in case an "enterprising" soul attempts to circumvent the front-end. If everything looks okay, the file pair (or triplet) is moved into the idgames/incoming directory. There it will be subjected to the regular review process.
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