Wheeled Warriors: Ultimate Destruction Announced

PlayWay and Games Incubator announce Wheeled Warriors: Ultimate Destruction, a post-apocalyptic driving game that will let you get in touch with your inner Mad Max (or perhaps Taurus and/or Groove) when it's released on Steam. Here's a trailer with a look, and here's a bit on the game:

Games Incubator, part of the PlayWay Group, announces Wheeled Warriors: Ultimate Destruction - a game where you play the role of a driver in a post-apocalyptic world. You control an armored car that uses a variety of guns and armor elements. Choose the right equipment and accessories to create the perfect vehicle for racing in a brand new era.

Once you’ve built your dream machine of the wastelands, it’s time to test it out. Race against the drivers of other deadly cars and see if your design is the best of the best. Beat them with your superior driving skills or blast them to bits with your guns.

In order to help you choose the perfect death ride, there’s a store where you can buy different models of cars. After you get the one you want, it’s time to buy some equipment like guns, armor pieces and tires. Watch as your creation changes when you swap equipment in the local garage.

Putting your creation to the test is the perfect way to see how good your ideas were. Shoot targets, beat a time score and destroy your enemies on a variety of tracks. Be careful – the streets are dangerous, full of debris, and your enemies want to wreck you just as much as you want to wreck them.

Only the best drivers can survive in the wild streets of Wheeled Warriors. If you’re one of them, you can earn a lot of money and upgrade your car further to make it truly legendary and unbeatable in any wild competition.

Well, can you ever outrun a bullet? Not really, but it’s still fun to try.
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Feb 21, 2021, 07:33
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Feb 21, 2021, 07:33
This COULD be the I'76 I've been waiting for all these years.
<watches trailer>
Scratch that. NM.
Feb 21, 2021Feb 21 2021
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