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Happy Groundhog Day! According to Punxsutawney Phil we are due for six weeks of winter. It's hard to imagine how the rodent weatherman saw his shadow, as Punxsutawney is just a few hundred miles west of here, and we're in the middle of a nor'easter that's been dumping us with snow for well over 24 hours now. Being buried as a result makes the prospect of a longer winter season that much more distressing. On the bright side, apparently Staten Island Chuck predicts an early spring, and he's much closer to us, albeit to the south. So I'll root for his prognostication to apply to us. When we moved here, the idea that the homeowners association is responsible for plowing the parking area in front of our home seemed like a luxury. But we have to dig out and move our cars to allow for that, and the prospect of extricating the cars from over a foot of snow in a small working area for the second time this winter is not something I'm looking forward to. It's enough to make you want to slug Needlenose Ned.

Obituary: Actor Hal Holbrook, Who Played Mark Twain Longer Than Twain Himself, Dies. Thanks RedEye9.

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Feb 3, 2021, 04:33
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Feb 3, 2021, 04:33
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The Half Elf wrote on Feb 2, 2021, 16:31:
Ok so having an issue that the website's text are garbelled, so using a chrome extenstion I have to set the site's encoding to UTF-8 (on the main page). Anyone else experiencing this or is it on my end?

This has popped up intermittently for a while now. Frans has put a lot of effort into tracking it down, but an answer continues to elude us. It's maddeningly inconsistent. As noted, it will randomly go away and/or return if you hit refresh, so it sort of defies logic what's going on.

I've seen this before. It looks like the quotes and hyphens in the database are Word formatted. The browser does its best to convert them into ASCII but may occasionally get stuck.

I can confirm the issue is Word formatted apostrophes and em dash hyphens. It's coming from the reference text. Most of the content creators write their copy in Word and distribute it to media outlets. They don't trouble themselves with the havoc Word-formatted characters cause.

Issue https://i.imgur.com/vvt1C5l.jpeg
Reload, browser fixed https://i.imgur.com/r7vMTZx.jpeg

It happens intermittently. To ensure it doesn't appear, I recommend replacing those with the ' and & mdash; in the database or add code to replace the characters on-the-fly.
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