EVERSPACE 2 Early Access

EVERSPACE 2 has blasted off, and ROCKFISH Games' single-player space shooter is now available in Early Access. The Windows version can be found on GOG.com and Steam. This is in English offering the first 12+ hours of the story campaign along with side missions set in two star systems of the final game. The plan is to add macOS and Linux versions along with support for additional languages for the full version, which is to come in the first half of next year along with a price increase. The Early Access Release Trailer offers a look at this voyage to the final frontier. Here's more:
EVERSPACE 2 in Early Access launches with two extensive star systems to explore, where 25+ hours of exciting gameplay await, introducing pilots to space combat, mining, puzzle-solving, item shopping, crafting, ship customization, RPG-style leveling, passive perks as well as lower tier models of five different player ship subclasses.

While pilots advance through the initial Early Access game content, they will be able to unlock upgrade options to improve passive skills for combat, looting, gear crafting, dismantling, ship repair, and other abilities by investing various resources into companion perks.

As development progresses through Early Access, the ROCKFISH Games team plans to gradually add new features and content through quarterly updates:

  • More star systems, locations, enemies, activities etc. (8 star systems planned for v1.0)
  • More player ship subclasses and tiers (9 subclasses with 4 tiers each planned for v1.0)
  • More ship customization options
  • More player levels (max player level 30 planned for v1.0)
  • More items and resources incl. Legendary gear
  • More player perks (6 x 3 perk upgrade options planned for v1.0)
  • More companion characters incl. perks to upgrade (6 companions planned for v1.0)
  • More challenges
  • More main and side mission story content (30+ hours of story content planned for v1.0)
  • More situational commentary from Adam and Hive
  • More interesting jobs and factions
  • More alien creatures
  • Natural phenomena like lightning fields, black holes, solar storms, etc.
  • Fast Travel system
  • Different Outlaw factions with different tech
  • Better trading opportunities, price tracking, trade routes
  • Quest inventory
  • Codex
  • Game difficulty setting
  • Worthwhile endgame content and activities
  • Achievements

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Re: EVERSPACE 2 Early Access
Jan 19, 2021, 15:53
Re: EVERSPACE 2 Early Access Jan 19, 2021, 15:53
Jan 19, 2021, 15:53
heroin wrote on Jan 19, 2021, 01:20:
eRe4s3r wrote on Jan 19, 2021, 01:02:
heroin wrote on Jan 19, 2021, 00:08:
The first one bored the pants off me, but this one is absolutely fantastic. Kinda feels like Destiny 2 as an open world single player space arcade game. Awesome controls/combat/weapons/explosions, exploration, music/sound design and really nice to look at.

But is the combat fun? You can only fly in circles that many times before it becomes super mundane.

Yeah, the combat is a lot of fun. I'm only 5 hours in though. I'm not a huge space game person (hated Elite:Dangeous, hated EVE etc), but I like the combat, it feels tactical/arcadey - tactical in that there have been a variety of ships and makeups. It looked like one ship came in with some purple raygun thing that stopped me in my tracks while other ships pounced until I offed him, another encounter against 5 ships had 2 spherical drone things that could one shot my shields, so I had to prioritize those first. It actually took me a few tries to win that one so I tried upgrading a few different things and played around with my setup a bit until I beat em. I haven't noticed any combat getting stuck in circle strafing kind of shite. And I mean, all of the weapons have felt totally bad ass so far. Plus, it's got a decent enough story that keeps things fresh & flowing. I just wish they were going to add co-op besides that and a few crashes, it's really good, looking forward to playing this well into the future.

Same here, based on your post We all know that we aren't exactly blessed with tons of good space games... so here's hoping this one will be that at least.
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