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Jan 16, 2021, 01:22
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Jan 16, 2021, 01:22
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I'll switch to Starlink just to be rid of Comcast, even if it means slower speeds.
I just dumped Spectrum cable for T-Mobile's wireless Internet service today. Just one price hike too many; in 9 years it's gone up from $30 to $75, and three of those were supposedly due to promotional rates expiring. After that they stopped including any justifications, since why should they? But even setting aside the one actual promotional rate, increasing from $45 to $75 was an average annual hike of 6.6%. Annual pay raises at the companies I've worked at have usually cap out at 5-6%, for people doing phenomenal work. Spectrum apparently thinks they're doing even better than that.

T-Mobile's wireless Internet is way slower -- usually 2 Mbps instead of 64, and three people trying to watch video is a bad time. But I'm angry enough with Spectrum that I don't care. I did call them to see if I could get a lower rate by asking, and they said the only promotion available was a free increase to 200 Mpbs (which is what they advertise on their website anyway). Someone on Nextdoor said you have to threaten to switch and then the disconnection department can give you a lower rate, and that really did happen later, but I just quit for real. I'm only willing to jump through so many hoops, so they can go suck on an egg; I hope they choke on it.

I just filed a 2000 dollar refund request with Comcast dating back to 2018 and simultaneously file a complaint with the BBB. They have been charging me a rate promising a speed that my neighborhood is not capable of delivering. It's a long convoluted story, Comcast and I have been going back and forth over this for some time. Probably would have been dealt with sooner if I hadn't been in school. I got a bill yesterday that for some reason was the straw the broke the camel's back. I didn't even call Comcast first, I started my complaint with the BBB and started getting all my records and math together. Just before I was to be done I decided to call Comcast and give it one more go. Two idiots later I finally managed to find someone with a brain that could operate without a script and he thought that I should just put through the BBB complaint along with a refund request. I had no idea I could even do a refund request through tech support. He said it's pretty clear to him that Comcast doesn't have the hardware in place to deliver the service they are charging me for. He put the whole refund request together, did the math...the whole thing. Good guy, really appreciated him.

I am still gonna dump Comcast as soon as I can just on principle. I probably won't get that money or even part of it anyway.
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