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FireWav is new audio software that's targeting PC gamers. Its Minneapolis-based developer Fideliquest makes some lofty claims, saying FireWav's real-time audio processing works in any PC game to attain "hyper audio clarity" that provides "enhanced definition and detail" and "increased soundstage width and depth." They say this helps give players better ability to detect the locations of sounds, promising split-second advantages. This all sounds fanciful, but they are offering a 10-day free trial to hear for yourself whether or not it lives up to those assertions. And though the regular price tag for those who wish to continue on past the trial is quite steep, they are launching with a limited-time offer that makes it much more attainable. Rather than USD$59.99 per year for an annual subscription or $299.99 for a lifetime license, they are currently offering the annual subscription for $19.99 that includes a free upgrade to an lifetime license. In other words, it's yours to keep for $19.99. Here's more:
A cutting-edge audio tool built by professional audio algorithm engineers and tested by the best video gamers around the world, FireWav delivers real-time audio processing in any PC game to attain hyper audio clarity never heard before in the industry. With enhanced definition and detail, players can now decipher every sound and cue the game provides; and with increased soundstage width and depth, they can discern the location of the sound; all of which gives split second advantages over any player not using FireWav.

Audio can give you an edge. Jayson Tomlin, company founder says, "We created this application based on years of development and testing using advanced audio science. The result is sound that blows gamers away when they hear the results and realize that they can play more, play faster and play longer."

App user feedback has been extremely positive. Professional gamer Brandon Falconer (Professional Fortnite player for 100 Thieves) and MiniNinja (Online UK Gaming Expert) use FireWav during their gaming experiences.
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Dec 30, 2020, 02:26
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Dec 30, 2020, 02:26
I bought twenty of them. And then I woke up in a cold sweat.
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