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Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating. It's a wet Christmas around here, rather than a white one, as it's been raining all day. This is unfortunate, since we picked up a steak to grill for the occasion, so I'll have to see if there's a break in the weather that will permit me to raise the flag in Manstovia. We also have a virtual gathering later with family and friends. This is not the same as getting together in person, but it will permit seeing a lot of people who wouldn't necessarily make the trip, so there's a bright side to it as well. We may not get the chance to experience another of our holiday traditions, as Bad Santa is no longer offered on Amazon Prime. I actually ordered the disc to prevent this tragedy from reoccurring, so we'll have to decide if we also want to spring for a rental today. It's a little redundant, but Christmas won't seem the same without Billy Bob Thornton spewing invectives and lettuce. Here's hoping the holiday finds you safe and well, and that you are finding a way to accommodate your traditions under the circumstances.

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Re: Out of the Blue
Dec 26, 2020, 15:40
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Dec 26, 2020, 15:40
Kxmode wrote on Dec 26, 2020, 14:50:
I subscribed to HBO MAX through Amazon Prime only to find out Wonder Woman 1984 wasn't available there. So considering I paid $15 specifically to watch the movie, I ended up torrenting it. I felt like Time Warner is very shady with their distribution method by not letting people know WW84 isn't available through HBO MAX on Amazon Prime even though it is technically HBO MAX (it's real confusing!).

By the way, it's an okay movie. Not as good as the first Wonder Woman. The plot is "strange." I don't mean that in a good way.

I watched Wonder Woman 1984 yesterday via HBO Max, but had to watch it on a Win10 machine instead of my Mint Linux multimedia box, because that movie alone has some weird DRM that the rest of HBO Max videos do not. The writing is terrible. I can't understand it, the first movie was far superior. Being in 1984 has practically zero impact on the film, almost no 1980s classic music used, for example. At best there were a few clothing gags. Logic is repeatedly assaulted, for the entire 2.5 hour running time. Somehow WW ignores WW2, Vietnam, the Cuban Missile Crisis, pretty much every major post-WW1 catastrophe or war, and starts showing herself again in 1984 to beat up small time thieves? What the fuck!? She also couldn't get over Steve Trevor over the past 70 years!? The CGI also felt pretty weak, although it was passable. Fighting choreography was inferior. Also, body theft, mind theft, arguable rape, ignored by the plot and characters.

It's a shame, because there was a great cast, some of whom even gave good performances in spite of the material. All in all though, wasted opportunity due to shitty writing. Unfortunately I'm sure this film's failure will be used as condemnation of bringing AAA movies to streaming.

*EDIT* Grammar.

*EDIT* Also, from a comic nerd standpoint, they underutilized two major Wonder Woman villains, for no apparent reason. Inexcusable from a comic nerd standpoint, but a lot of people aren't going to recognize the main villain at all, soo...

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