Cyberpunk 2077 Now the Biggest-Ever PC Launch

Blizzard just announced that by selling 3.7 million units in 24 hours, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands became the fastest-selling PC launch of all time. But that news is so Tuesday. Now PC Gamer calculates that Cyberpunk 2077 immediately swiped that crown (not that this helped the company's stock price). They note that CD PROJEKT tweeted that the sci-RPG had eight million preorders and in a separate tweet they specified that 59% of these preorders were for the PC edition. That leads to a straightforward extrapolation:
59% of 8 million is 4.72 million copies, so CP 2077 is over a million units ahead of Shadowlands even before the purchases made on day one itself. Once those figures are available we'll update the total.

Obviously this comparison isn't apples to oranges, but it's particularly striking that CDPR has achieved Cyberpunk's debut videogame. A chunk of that success is just down to marketing, of course, but it also shows the size of the audience that CDPR has built over its Witcher games.
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Dec 11, 2020, 15:33
I haven't seen references to the "body bank" from the original rpg material (the body lotto from the intro was great to see, that was a thing) - but, cloned limbs (expensive) and 'used' bits are supposed to be just as common as cyberware, sometimes a substitute for not affording chrome. Also organic bits were used after you retired your metal (like full conversion military borgs getting replacement flesh bodies when they retire), and for rehabilitation from the cyberware humanity loss.
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