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There is no decision yet and the way it's going there won't be until it literally is too late. The article is also flat out ignoring (like pretty much all UK media always does) that this new law they want to put into effect nullifies the "Good Friday Agreement" - and legally Northern Ireland would be part of the EU and not of the UK or at least it wouldn't be clear what exactly it's legal status even IS. It's a clusterfuck waiting for us for new year.
Thank you for the information. I guess it should be no surprise they have failed to make any critical decisions since 31 Jan 2020. Both because it is what the UK has been doing concerning Brexit for literally years and getting anything productive done in 2020 is pretty close to impossible. And yes, I am aware of the issues around the Good Friday Agreement, which is part of the reason I was surprised when you said NI wasn't part of the UK anymore. It sounds like if they have managed to make any progress in solving the difficult problem of the NI borders they have failed to notify anyone outside the process. Somehow I am not optimistic they are holding back on good news. As far as I can tell, Northern Ireland is pretty much the only place in the "West" where politics are more contentious than those in the US -- which is saying something...

In the end it's complicated EU legal stuff and I do not claim that I understand most of it. The troubles were never really fixed, only delayed. And worse, with Brexit, Northern Ireland can choose to be outside of the EU (that means military protected border right through the country think east/west germany) or inside the EU (that means EU sea-border, patrolled, with UK but soft border to Ireland) and I wonder if the UK even gives that choice to Northern Ireland, if you ask me there should be a referendum because hot damn if that isn't an important question to ask I don't know what is. This also means that the Brexit won't be a thing for Northern Ireland. It would still have to live under EU law and regulations..... heh. I wonder which mess the UK chooses.
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