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Technically Northern Ireland isn't part of the UK anymore once the Brexit finalizes.. just saying
Is that settled? I was under the impression it was one of the major "issues" to be dealt with in negotiations and everything I read about it indicated everyone was expecting it to be a very difficult problem...
What happens to Northern Ireland on 31 December, deal or no deal?
Hmm. How was it decided whether Northern Ireland would remain in the UK or the EU? Was there another vote in NI after the Brexit vote? And are they now going for independent country status or rejoining Ireland? I did some Googling and couldn't find anything concrete...

There is no decision yet and the way it's going there won't be until it literally is too late. The article is also flat out ignoring (like pretty much all UK media always does) that this new law they want to put into effect nullifies the "Good Friday Agreement" - and legally Northern Ireland would be part of the EU and not of the UK or at least it wouldn't be clear what exactly it's legal status even IS. It's a clusterfuck waiting for us for new year.
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