CyberTaxi Released

Those disappointed that Cyberpunk 2077 should be out already by a couple of its many release dates may want to ease their pain by hailing CyberTaxi, which is now available for Windows on Steam. Then again, you may not, as this trailer makes it obvious that the word "cyber" is probably most of what these games have in common, besides each coming from Polish developers. CyberTaxi is a "brutal" cyberpunk taxi driver simulator from Projects from Basement that involves getting passengers to their destinations in the dystopian city of Hindenburg. Here's a roadmap:
CyberTaxi is a cyberpunk brutal taxi driver simulator, in which you have to survive in dystopian city Hindenburg, full of violent gangs and greedy corporations.

Company called Gambricorp polluted the city with a virus that drives people crazy. You just want to get out of this place, but to do that you have to push through four districts.

The main mechanic is picking up the customers and driving them to their selected destinations as fast as you can. The game is hard and you need to remember to repair and upgrade your cab in special shops. Each district has its own crazy weapons, like flamethrower, minigun or nuclear bombs.

The game was inspired by retro shooters from the 90., so it has a lot of gore and mindless violence (one of our "core mechanics" is wiping the blood from your windshield with car wiper). We’ve also added a talent-based upgrade system that can give you some advantages.

Why should you play it?

  • There are no other cyberpunk taxi driver simulators around
  • It’s fast, it’s brutal, it’s hard
  • Homage to one of our most beloved games from the 90s
  • We have a really cool soundtrack
  • The game doesn’t cost much
  • We’re constantly adding new stuff and fixing bugs in updates

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