World of Warcraft Microphone

Tastefully named audio company Blue announces a collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment on the new Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition professional USB microphone. The twist here is this allows you to alter your voice to sound like some of the residents of Azeroth from World of Warcraft, making one wonder what profession they imagine this "professional" microphone will suit. Here's word on what this does, which, disappointingly, does not mention the ability to sound like Leeroy Jenkins:
Yeti X was custom-tuned to deliver superior, broadcast-quality sound for professional-level gaming, Twitch™ streaming, podcasting and YouTube productions. Yeti X World of Warcraft edition features enhanced Blue VO!CE technology, which makes it easier than ever for content creators to dial-up professional vocal effects and custom presets at the push of a button. It also includes advanced voice modulation effects with Warcraft presets that enable players to transform their voices to sound like denizens of World of Warcraft. Gamers can also choose from a massive library of iconic Warcraft sounds and assign them to a keybind to fire off mid-stream. Blue VO!CE is accessible exclusively through Logitech’s free, easy-to-use G HUB platform, enabling gamers to manage mic settings right from their desktop.
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Had 2 Yeti's Black, both died less than a year after purchase. Coworker had his die less then a year too. Never buy another Yeti again.
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