Out of the Blue

I actually have plans for both today and tomorrow, which is a daring throwback to the pre-pandemic days when this would be considered far more normal for the weekend. Today MrsBlue and I are visiting our friends from our old neighborhood, which means getting to see the twins and my bestie Jedi the Jindo. The twins were upset recently when their folks ate some popcorn they felt was intended for them, so MrsBlue promised them we'd come and bring them some Jiffy Pop. They were very excited when she explained what this throwback product was, so this was a stroke of genius. But it actually seemed like a recipe for disaster when I went in search of this yesterday, as none of the nearby supermarkets actually had any Jiffy Pop at all. Apparently this is not much of a thing anymore in these days of microwave popcorn. Luckily MrsBlue figured out that they still have this at Walmart, so we were able to pick some up there. So we'll head down there later today for a socially distanced cookout, and teach the kids the joys of analog popcorn popping over their fire pit.

Round-up in a Jiffy
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Sep 26, 2020, 23:52
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It's not a problem, just ask the Governor of Florida...

Well Sweden has done quite well with keeping things open. They initially had a lot of deaths in the retirement communities, but they seem to have weathered the storm without destroying their economy. I certainly would not move to one of the highly restricted states like California, Illinois, Michigan.....You cannot keep things closed up and who knows when we will have enough vaccine for everyone? I applaud the governor of Florida.

Wear a mask everywhere there are other people and avoid those that don't wear one.

Sweden’s public health body recorded 554 new covid-19 cases Thursday — the highest since early July — and 417 on Friday, according to its online tracking tool, capping off what epidemiologist Anders Tegnell had warned would be a “record week” for new cases.
“It is slowly but surely going in the wrong direction in Sweden, even if the situation is not as serious as in other parts of Europe,” Tegnell said at a news briefing Thursday, according to the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.
To prevent CV-19, avoid the Serious Seven: weddings, funerals, faith-based activities, bars, gyms, house gatherings and other small events.
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