Out of the Blue

I actually have plans for both today and tomorrow, which is a daring throwback to the pre-pandemic days when this would be considered far more normal for the weekend. Today MrsBlue and I are visiting our friends from our old neighborhood, which means getting to see the twins and my bestie Jedi the Jindo. The twins were upset recently when their folks ate some popcorn they felt was intended for them, so MrsBlue promised them we'd come and bring them some Jiffy Pop. They were very excited when she explained what this throwback product was, so this was a stroke of genius. But it actually seemed like a recipe for disaster when I went in search of this yesterday, as none of the nearby supermarkets actually had any Jiffy Pop at all. Apparently this is not much of a thing anymore in these days of microwave popcorn. Luckily MrsBlue figured out that they still have this at Walmart, so we were able to pick some up there. So we'll head down there later today for a socially distanced cookout, and teach the kids the joys of analog popcorn popping over their fire pit.

Round-up in a Jiffy
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Re: Out of the Blue
Sep 26, 2020, 17:34
Re: Out of the Blue Sep 26, 2020, 17:34
Sep 26, 2020, 17:34
I just want govt's to start having the discussion of where we go from here and what we do in the event a vaccine doesn't arrive. We need to talk about that and plan for it. We can't keep this shit going indefinitely. With the resurgence and talk of going back into stage 2 or even stage 1 scenarios isn't viable long term, financially or psychologically. And if we're lottery winning lucky and do get a vaccine it's still going to be years before everyone is vaccinated even with the world's pharmas going full tilt boogie. And that's not even accounting for mutations and different strains arising that aren't covered.

People are already starting to get edgy about this resurgence - which is mostly about economics and supply chains versus the virus itself. Went into Costco two days ago and they're now sold out of TP, paper towel, lysol wipes, etc. and that was with limiting those items to 1 per customer. Govt's must do more to alleviate that uncertainty because the strain will start causing people to crack en masse and shit will just go from bad to worse. My provincial govt is useless as tits on a bull. They just keep whinging about people not doing more but are doing sweet FA themselves. They've made it harder to get tests now and there's still zero tracking going on. Financial help looks like its going to disappear. What the fuck do they think is going to happen in the absence of real leadership with this sort of crisis? That people won't freak out and say 'Fuck it' and do whatever they want?

And all this bullshit with the US election isn't helping the rest of the world any either. Are we doomed? Is the end really nigh? It reminds me of that scene from The Omega Man....

Omega Man - News Report - How the world ended

"Hot air hangs like a dead man, from a white oak tree. People sitting on porches, thinking how things used to be. It's a dark night...dark night."
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