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Good, ban China outright. Get the rest of the world to join that.

this needs to go much deeper, they need to put a ban on any Chinese students coming into this country to steal education spots that should be four our kids. All they are doing, and there was a report on this. is coming here, learning and then taking it back to use against us in Cyber crimes and to keep under cutting us in all Economical and industrial areas. Plus, its also been reported that China wants to conquer the world and wants their military to be number one in the world, well that will not happen. If they ever come up against our Navy, will quickly learn why everyone fears the US Navy.

- China is building naval vessels twice as fast as the US.
- Chinese subs track US carriers within torpedo range without being detected. That was 15 years ago. Chinese capabilities have only improved while our ASW capabilities have continued to atrophy.
- America's naval vessels aren't even designed to destroy enemy surface vessels any longer. The lack of any near peer rival for the past 30 years led to designs that focused on anti-missile and anti-aircraft threats instead of anti-ship. The US is playing catch up in this regard.
- The Chinese have developed unique weapons to neutralize the US carrier advantage, like their anti-ship ballistic missiles series. How effective these are against moving ships at sea is an open question, but they have hundreds of them in mobile launchers, making them very difficult to destroy before they launch (remember how poorly the US did against mobile Scud missiles back in the 90s).
- Analyses show the China can damage or sink US ships faster than we can fix or replace them. Our ability to build or fix ships is in a very poor state, as we've failed to invest in infrastructure.
- The USN has a major readiness issue, as demonstrated by the collisions of the McCain and Fitzgerald with slow moving tankers.
- Lastly, the US has lost nearly every recent simulated war game against China.

Can the Chinese invade the US, or defeat the USN in the middle of the Pacific? No, of course not. Can they invade their neighbors, or seize control of the South China Sea preventing trillions in shipping from passing through, and prevent the USA from doing anything about it? Seems like a "yes." And each passing year, they continue to improve and match the US through both IP theft and indigenous capability. The one thing China lacks is operational experience, so look for them to gain some using smaller conflicts with their neighbors.

Our big strength is our allies, but we've been undermining that for the past few years, making it more difficult to convince allies to come together to challenge China.

Well, you are making lots of assumptions that don't pan out in a real shooting war.

First of all, we have all the sensors needed (in the air, in space, and under the ocean) to track all enemy ships and submarines wherever they go on the planet, and in a shooting war those ships will be the very first things to die.

The main A2/AD victims will be the Chinese and the Russians in the opening days of war.

Secondly, all of our carrier strike groups have the world's densest network air and missile defenses deployed anywhere. As well as the world's densest and most effective ASW assets on, under, and above the sea, 24/7/365. Nothing else, including the grossly overhyped S-400, comes remotely close to an AEGIS umbrella.
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