Chris Avellone No Longer Contributing to Dying Light 2 or Bloodlines 2 After "Me Too" Allegations

Famed game designer Chris Avellone is accused of predatory sexual behavior a screed on twitter. This generated a couple of tweets in corroboration, including one from Monolith writer Samantha Wallschlaeger. Chris offers a couple of apologetic tweets that appear to be in response to this, but he does not directly confirm or deny any of the alleged details (thanks ResetEra). Gamasutra tweets a statement from Paradox Interactive saying that none of Avellone's work will be part of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2: "Bloodlines 2 publisher Paradox Interactive has been in contact to explain that Avellone was only 'briefly' involved in the project, and that 'none of his contributions remain in the game that Hardsuit Labs is continuing to develop'." And in this tweet Techland announces they are parting ways with Chris, who was contributing to the story of Dying Light 2:
We treat matters of sexual harassment and disrespect with utmost care, and have no tolerance for such behaviors - it applies to both of our employees as well as external consultants, Chris among them. This is why, together with Chris Avellone, we've decided to end our cooperation.

We are still working towards delivering the experience we promised in dying light 2. Both our narrative team, which Chris supported, and the whole development team of dying light to continue progressing efficiently, according to the plan revised at the beginning of the year.
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Re: Chris Avellone No Longer Contributing to Dying Light 2 or Bloodlines 2 After
Jun 24, 2020, 02:49
Re: Chris Avellone No Longer Contributing to Dying Light 2 or Bloodlines 2 After Jun 24, 2020, 02:49
Jun 24, 2020, 02:49
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Due process starts to mean less and less.

That could be true, but also consider this, from our POV we really don't know shit. We have a report, I like to assume the company did investigate the claims as any company should then made a determination. We will only ever know a little and we don't even know how accurate. So as due process may seem to mean less, we are sitting behind a keyboard acting all Monday Morning QB ON EVERYTHING. We are as guilty as the media etc in things like this.

Precisely the point I am making. Justice becomes warped when it based on a guilty-upon-proven-innocent premise. Since she chose Twitter instead of a courtroom to hear her case, then the burden of proof is on her. Only "talking" about it isn't evidence.

In other words, if you brought her case before a judge with no evidence and proof, and based everything on hearsay, the judge would dismiss the case. The same should happen here.

That was my point as well. Not sure if MoreLuckThanSkill got that and reiterated it or thought I somehow applauded the pitchforks mentality.

Not talking about Chris' details atm, but what I find nauseating these days is how no agency is expected from the women -- by both the women and their pitchfork buddies. Personally, I have had sex while tipsy and even drunk, with the woman being as tipsy and even drunk. When the mood is right and from one thing comes another, that shouldn't be something to fear. I also had my mornings where we'd both wake up and be like "oh, shit.. we had sex, that'll be awkward", like the cliche movie scene. If that would happen in today's pitchfork culture, I would literally fear for my career and social life.

Women have agency. Every woman and women activist would preach the same preach. Which makes this #metoo movement in many cases highly hypocritical. Not in all cases, of course. I decided to add that last part, because this is the internet and civil discourse is near impossible unless you spell out the obvious. For good measure: RAPE. BAAAAD.

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