Epic Games Store Giveaways Total Over $2K

PCGamesN busted out a calculator to figure out the value of all the games given away for free on the Epic Games Store during their promotional freebies spree. This added up quickly, as we are surprised to see the retail value of all these giveaways comes to more than USD$2,000. Here's word:
We added up the full list of 108 free games that Epic’s had on offer since launch, using the regular sale price of the base versions of each game – the versions of the software that have been offered as the freebies, basically. Sure, some of these games have been available deeply discounted or free elsewhere, but we’re going with the non-sale price as a rough gauge of how valuable each title is.

All together, from Subnautica to Grand Theft Auto V this week, the total value of the free games the Epic Games Store has given away is $2,140.94 USD. That’s equivalent to £1,768.83, although the total value in pounds is probably a bit different due to regional pricing variations.
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Re: Epic Games Store Giveaways Total Over $2K
May 18, 2020, 03:01
Re: Epic Games Store Giveaways Total Over $2K May 18, 2020, 03:01
May 18, 2020, 03:01
Drayth wrote on May 17, 2020, 22:34:
Personally, I have no problem buying from Origin, GOG, etc.. In fact Steam is my second top choice to buy from.

Epic has the resources to compete toe-to-toe with Steam. They have brand recognition, and mountains of money to feed into strong development. They've instead chosen a route of forcing me to a lackluster store front if I want certain (and I'm sure they'd prefer it be all) third-party AAA games on release day.

Their sales and giveaways are great, but that too smells of money just being thrown around for short-term gains. A race to the bottom I choose not to favor in who I support with my purchases. If they improve things I may consider them more so in the future.

Not a very compelling argument. "If I want it on release day" is directly contrary to the use of the word "Forcing". No one is forcing you to buy it on release day. You're the one doing that.

If you and enough others wait for the release window to open on other stores and buy it there, companies will realize that the exclusivity isn't in their best interests and it will cease to be a thing.

As far as 'forcing you to use a lackluster store front', if you already know the game you're looking for, all you need do is type it in the search, click and hit buy. Then you can run it from your library or home page quite easily. The fact that you cite these things as problems is pretty telling. If they're AAA titles that you are intent on buying on release day, you already know what you're looking for and you know what store it's releasing on, then you should be able to use a search function. Of course, you don't need to, given that every major release has a banner ad on the home page on the first week of their release that you can click on just as easily as you would on steam or Origin, or GoG. Then the purchase button works just the same way.

You make it sound like you're manually scrolling through a series of disorganized titles to find what you want, when given your own explanation that's /clearly/ not the case. It's a lie. You have lied to try and make your argument against them.

Feel free not to buy from them all you want, but the nonsense you're spewing isn't helping your argument any at all.
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